Everything You Wanted to Know About Singer-Songwriter Sebastian Javier

Sebastian Javier is one rising musical artist and social media star who must be on your radar in 2021.

The Latin pop singer-songwriter was born in Argentina, relocating to Canada at the age of 12, where he began his rise as a musician. Starting on YouTube, his talents as a bilingual artist soon began attracting legions of fans, and from here, the only way is up.

Sebastian recently released his sizzling debut single "Bad for Me," and the tracks have only gotten better. We saw it as the perfect opportunity to get to know all about the star as our latest Man Crush Monday.


(Photo credit: Patrick Ryder)

Name: Sebastian Javier Olzanski

Hometown: Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Birthday: July 2

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Fun Facts:

1. Sebastian loves playing tennis and soccer.

"Back where I'm from in Argentina, everybody takes soccer very seriously! I remember always being the slowest at it! Everybody there is a literal professional. It's so hard to compete."

-Sebastian Javier

2. His favorite joke is a simple classic.

"What do you call a boomerang that won't come back? A stick."

-Sebastian Javier

3. His biggest guilty pleasure appeals to his nature as an artist and performer.

"It's dancing around my room, pretending like I'm performing at a concert. Any time there's music playing in my room, you'll know I'm belting and performing for my imaginary audience."

-Sebastian Javier

4. He's a big fan of Harry Potter, and would love to steal the character's style.

"Just for that reason, I'll wear anything he does."

-Sebastian Javier

5. Sebastian would love for Tom Holland to play him in a movie about his life.

"He seems like such a great guy, and he's quite goofy at times, which is right up my alley."

-Sebastian Javier

6. People often come to him for advice, asking for a little bit of perspective.

"I tend to have a very open mind and the ability to give others a new way of seeing a problem they're experiencing with a positive light. I love being able to help people get a better picture of their own problems. Sometimes the only thing you need to change is your perspective!"

-Sebastian Javier

7. He's not ashamed to admit that lately, he hasn't been able to take his debut single "Bad for Me" off repeat.

"I wrote it so long ago and it finally came out. It makes me feel so happy. I just listen on and on and on."

-Sebastian Javier

8. Though he's not much of a gamer, Sebastian says he loved Pokémon games when he was a kid.

"I literally knew every evolution possible, I still have such a deep love for it to this day."

-Sebastian Javier

9. Nature never fails to make him smile.

"Everything around us, honestly. If you ever just sit back and look at the world around us, you can find beauty in almost anything. Sunsets are probably my favorite. They always make me smile."

-Sebastian Javier

10. One life lesson he wishes he'd learned earlier on is to be present, rather than being too focused on the past or the future.

"All that ever happens is the current moment, so why waste time thinking about what will happen or what has happened? You will be so much happier being present."

-Sebastian Javier

11. Sebastian says that most of all, he truly wants to help others.

"That's always my goal. My music has been such a great outlet for me not just to tell stories, but to also give advice to other people, and hopefully help others get a better understanding and perspective on their lives."

-Sebastian Javier


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