10 Selena Gomez Memes Fitting for Every Occasion

Like the true queen that she is, Selena Gomez unknowingly provides us with relatable content in her everyday life.

No matter what you're going through, we guarantee you'll deeply connect to at least one of these memes about the pop princess.

Better late than never on those Instagram likes, amirite?

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When that one person saw you trip in the hallway:


Nobody captures the overwhelming joy of the last bell quite like Selena:


Homework? What homework? ???? 


When you see anyone or anything that needs to go on your story:


It's summer, what is this "school" you speak of?

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When your BFF feels the single struggle a little too hard:


The ridiculous amount of satisfaction when your parents side with you in a sibling fight:

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Screaming inside because your crush definitely just liked your photo:

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That look you give the squad when you're starving and they mention food:

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