Sesame Street Gets Excited About 1D!

One Direction's long-awaited appearance on Sesame Street is quickly approaching, and lucky fans can view yet another clip of the upcoming episode!one direction 1d sesame street

In this new minute-long clip, the girls of Sesame Street wait for more than 12 hours to see 1D, shouting in excitement all the while.

When the boys of One Direction finally appear, the gals are glad to see them, but they're really waiting for the number 1 and the letter D!

When 1 and D finally appear, it turns out the guys are just as rabid 1D fanatics as the girls!

So far, One Direction has appeared in a number of other Sesame Street clips, including a song called "What Makes U Useful," the alphabet song with Bert, and a special intro clip with Big Bird.

The new season of Sesame Street premieres on September 15, and One Direction should appear in an episode very soon. We can't wait to see them on the show!

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