You Have to Listen to This Girl's Insanely Beautiful Cover of Shawn Mendes' 'Ruin'

Have you ever heard a cover song done so well, that you actually prefer it over the original?

It happens. And it just happened, when we heard rising musician Hailey Knox's insanely beautiful rendition of Shawn Mendes' song "Ruin" off his new album Illuminate.

Hailey Knox performing live on stage

(Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez)

If you're ready for some major goosebumps, listen to the cover exclusively premiering here on Sweety High:

Gorgeous, right? We had the opportunity to chat with the 18-year-old musician about what inspired this superb hotel room cover performance and how she was able to make it her own. Scroll below to learn more about the making of this song!

Sweety High: What inspired you to cover "Ruin"?

Hailey Knox: "Ruin" is one of my favorites off of the Illuminate album. I love the slow tempo, the feel of the song and Shawn's soulful voice. He's so talented!


SH: What was your approach to this cover?

HK: I was actually on tour when I recorded the song. We set up the loop pedal and PA in the hotel bathroom hoping we didn't get kicked out for being too loud. It's literally me singing in the shower!


SH: How did you make it your own?

HK: I did it acoustically with my loop pedal because I was on tour and didn't have my electric guitar. I love the lyrics and sang them the best I could without security kicking me out of the room.


SH: Do you consider Shawn Mendes one of your musical influences?

HK: Yes, he is insanely talented! I love how connected he is with his fans. The trajectory of watching him on his old Vines to seeing him now play MSG is so crazy. He's a big inspiration.


SH: What do you like most about his music?

HK: I'm a huge fan of Illuminate. Some of my favorites besides "Ruin" include "Don't Be A Fool," "Mercy" and "Roses." I love how stripped down this album is—you really get to hear Shawn Mendes sing!


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