Shawn Wasabi Explains How the Amazing Sounds on 'i dip' Came to Be

Producer Shawn Wasabi never ceases to amaze us with his sleek, catchy and ridiculously danceable music releases, and his latest track, "i dip," is no exception.

With its bass-driven beat, hooky verses and lyrics that'll have you singing right along with the song, this is one we're not going to forget anytime soon. As soon as we heard it, we knew we needed to know more—and Shawn was kind enough to answer all of our questions.

Sweety High: What was the production process behind "i dip"? What kind of sound were you looking to capture along with the song's themes?

Shawn Wasabi: The production process was more simplicity than anything else. Usually, I like to spend time experimenting, manipulating sounds, samples and pushing software to its limits. With this song, it's more so using sound that is more familiar, like the typical 808 bass line or the bass sample sound that is popular in pop music and hip hop. It is the backbone in most bass-driven music nowadays. I took the 808 and used it as a melody. It sort of reminds me of "Like A G6," how that bass line drives the song. It is an 808 sound that is distorted so hard. It plays this really cool melody. In "i dip" that song follows that same philosophy that the bass is melody that you hear. It's a four-to-the-floor, simple on the beat and doesn't deviate from the rhythm.

There are a lot of ornamental sounds and melodies that sort of float. "i dip" moves at a slower pace. The bass line is like a very fast melody that repeats pretty much every two bars, so having other elements that don't repeat so fast. It doesn't contrast how it interjects with the bass and fills out the palette how you want to hear in a song like this.


SH: What does the track mean to you? 

SW: It's about adapting to the situations that are presented. It could be the location, a place or anything. It's about having the confidence to know that you can change things for the better, to understand you have the judgment to know more than you think you do.


SH: Who's singing on the track? What was it like working with them to get to the final sound you arrived at?

SW: Her name is Chloe George. It was actually written by Caroline Pennell and Chloe. We've worked a few times before together and they're both amazing to work with. We had an idea and a direction already in mind, it just flowed easily.


SH: How do you feel this song is different than what you've released in the past?

SW: I was taking a lot of inspiration from BlogHouse Records and a lot of music on Youtube from that era. Since I have a soft spot for dance music, I decided to lean into it on this song.


SH: What is your favorite lyric from the track?

SW: "I dip when the mood don't feel right."


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