Only Shy People Will Find These Memes Truly Relatable

It isn't easy being shy.

There are  so many little things that may be easy for everyone else to do, that you'll find truly terrifying.

For anyone who's painfully shy, you'll find the hilarious memes below all too relatable.

Presentations are not your friend:


Neither are group projects when you don't have a friend in your class:


Going out in public is just truly terrifying:


The struggle is so real:


Making friends is not easy:


No phone calls please:


When the self-checkout machine doesn't work, you're doomed:


Attending parties be like:


Never knowing how many texts is too many:


Being prepared is key:


Group settings are so, so awful:


The most annoying thing ever:


It's a no from us:


If you've ever had a crush, you'll find THESE memes way too relatable.