5 Big Signs Your Crush Is Already Taken

If you've ever had a feeling your crush was already taken but were too shy to ask, you're definitely not alone.

Are your feelings justified, or are you just being paranoid? Look out for these signs to find out.

They Use "We" and "Us" When Discussing Plans

Unless your crush is part of a really tightknit group that does everything together, the use of "we" and "us" suggests that they're already committed to someone special. In all likelihood, they see themself as one half of a pair, and things are probably pretty serious already.

Star vs. The Forces of Evil: Star is jealous of Jackie and Marco

(Star Vs. the Forces of Evil via Disney XD)


They're Always Bringing Up a Specific Person

If your crush can't go a couple of sentences without bringing up a certain someone, it might be because they're a couple. Maybe they're just best friends, but a lot of people in relationships love to brag about the person they're with, and this could be an indication that's happening.


You See That Person All Over Their Social Media

Keep spotting the same person in all of your crush's pics? Unless you know it's just one of their close friends, there's a chance it's their S.O. After all, a lot of couples tend to be in a majority of each other's pics on social media. Another sign is that they leave sweet comments on every single one of each other's photos—and don't overlook that relationship status.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Cedric Diggory and Cho Chang in the Hogwarts hallway

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They're Always Busy on Weekends

Maybe your crush has a full schedule, or maybe the reason they're never available to hang out on the weekends is that they've already devoted that time to their partner. You might also find that they're "too busy" to hang out most of the time, and that when you do get to spend time together, it's a super casual get together. If they never can make time for you, chances are they're uninterested or already taken.


They're Always on Their Phone When You're With Them

When you're with your crush, see how they interact with their phone. It can be super easy to get distracted by your phone and unengaged with the person you're talking to, but see if they're even more preoccupied than usual. If they're constantly messaging and enjoying the company of someone else on the phone, it might be their partner. This is even more likely if you find that they never respond to your texts right away. Also, if the person you suspect is their S.O. happens to be their lockscreen or background, it's almost a sure thing.


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