5 Signs Your Relationship Will Make it Past High School

If you or your S.O. has just entered your last year of high school or you just started college still attached to your high school sweetheart, you may be wondering if your relationship will make it through the transition.

While many high school relationships don't end up surviving (sad, but true), there are people who do end up in long (and sometimes forever) relationships with their high school boo.

Scroll down for the five telltale signs that your relationship can make it past high school.

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You Have Similar Interests

It's true that opposites attract, but having some common ground with your partner is an important foundation for a lasting relationship. Focus on the things you both love—whether that's food, sports, music or something else—and spend time enjoying those things together to nurture your relationship and build a strong, lasting connection.


You Get Along with Each Other's Families

While friends come and go after high school, you're both stuck with your families forever. If your S.O. doesn't get along with your family or vice versa, that can be a recipe for disaster later on.


You Plan to Live in the Same Area

Maintaining a long distance relationship is not impossible, but it is very difficult. If you both plan to be in the same area (or a reasonable car ride away) post-college, that can help keep the relationship strong. FaceTime is no substitute for actual face time when it comes to relationships.


You Have the Same Level of Ambition

After high school, you will have a lot more freedom to choose what you do with your life. You can choose to get a job, go to college, both or neither. If you're planning on going on to get a higher degree but your significant other has no plans after high school graduation, you're probably heading in different directions in life.


You're Both Committed to Making it Work

With relationships, it takes two. You can be a perfect girlfriend and do everything you can to sustain your relationship post-high school, but if your partner is not doing everything they can, it's simply not going to work. Don't waste your time and energy on someone who isn't willing to be as invested as you, because in the end the relationship won't work out. However, if you both are committed to each other, communicate frequently and see each other as often as possible, your relationship can go the distance.


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