5 Major Signs Your S.O.'s Friends Genuinely Like You

Being put up with by our S.O.'s pals comes with the territory of their friendship.

For better or worse, it's their job as friends to welcome us into their social circle and treat us like we've been a member of the group all along.

But how do you know if you really are just being "put up with" or if your partner's posse actually enjoys your company? Keep reading for five signs your S.O.'s friends genuinely like you:

1. They Include You in Decisions That Involve Your S.O.

Depending on how long you and your S.O. have been together, there's a good chance their pals might know them better than you do. Either way, they're close enough to them to make decisions that involve their birthday or a group outing or whatever, on their own. If they include you in the decision-making process or seek out your advice regarding anything about them, that shows they not only value your opinion, but they also want you to feel included.

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2. They Make an Effort to Talk to You, Even When Your S.O. Isn't Around

When you're in a big group at lunch with your S.O. and their friends, it's pretty likely you'll be included in the convo to some extent. But if your S.O.'s friends actually go out of their way to chat with you even in their pal's absence, that means they enjoy your presence and like getting to know you. It's one thing for them to say hi and crack a smile when they pass by, but to actually involve you in 1:1 discussions speaks volumes.

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3. They Attend Your Social Events (That Don't Directly Involve Your S.O.)

Inviting your S.O.'s friends to your birthday (for example) is an incredibly thoughtful gesture. After all, it'your special day, not your partner's. So let's start with that. But as kind and inclusive as that is, it doesn't necessarily mean their friends will attend. There's absolutely no obligation, given that it's not their friend's bday, so if indeed they show up, that's their way of saying you're much more than just their friend's girlfriend.


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4. They've Opened Up to You About Their Personal Lives

Acquaintances keep conversations on a surface level, and your S.O.'s friends have no obligation to open up to you just because you're connected to someone they care about. If you feel like you're breaking down their walls and they share personal details with you about their lives, you have definitely surpassed "acquaintance" level. Opening up is incredibly challenging, so if they're doing that, there's clearly something bright and comforting they see in you.

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5. They've Stood Up for You in a Fight With Your S.O.

Your S.O.'s friends have one obligation: to be loyal to your S.O.

If, for whatever reason, they stick up for you in a fight that you're having with your partner, then they're definitely fond of you. If they didn't like you, they absolutely would not stand up for you (even if they knew your S.O. was in the wrong). Not only are they expressing that they've got your back, but they're even willing to do so at the expense of their relationship with their friend.

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