The best things in life are free, wouldn’t you agree?

Whether it’s love from our family or laughter with our friends, we couldn’t agree with the statement more. Perhaps one of the best things in life we get for free is respect.

When respect is mutual, it’s a recipe for success. When it’s not reciprocated, however, it’s a recipe for disaster. Not sure if someone respects you? Keep reading for the five signs they do.

1. They Come to You For Advice

Perhaps the most obvious sign that someone respects you is that they come to you often for advice. If they didn’t respect you, why in the world would they get your opinion on something? They wouldn’t. If they do, however, ask you for help or advice, it means they respect what you have to say, and trust that you’ll give them proper guidance in whatever it is they’re seeking.


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2. They’re Always Honest With You

We stand by the statement that honesty is the best policy—especially when it comes to friends, family or even a significant other. If the person you have in mind tends to be honest with you, chances are, they respect you. It may at times come across as brutally honest, but those are the types of people you should keep in your corner. They aren’t afraid to tell it as it is, because they respect you’ll listen to what they have to say.


3. They Support You

Who’s on the sidelines, cheering you on in life? If this person comes to mind, that means they support you. Whatever it may be—a sports game, a crush you have or even a career path—if they support you in your endeavors, they respect you. Even if they don’t always agree with your decisions, if they support you and your ability to make your own choices, they seem like a good person to keep around.

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4. They Follow Through On Their Word

We think it’s important to surround yourself with people who will follow up on their word. Don’t let people stick around if they come to you in times of need or convenience, because they’re likely just using you until they find something “better.” However, if someone follows through on their word and shows up when they say they will, they not only respect you, but they respect your time, too.


5. They Lift You Up

The last thing you need in life is someone who constantly brings you down. Whether they do it out of jealousy or some other reason, it’s never excusable. If someone lifts you up, however, and is genuinely nice to you, they definitely respect you. When someone reminds you of your achievements or gives you a simple compliment, it means the world.

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