5 Signs a New Acquaintance Will Become a Close Friend

Finding new friends can be tough, but sometimes the stars align and we end up making a new pal in no time.

Things seamlessly click and you find yourself treating that person like your new BFF. Read on for five telltale signs that a new person is going to become one of your good friends!

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You Exchange Numbers and Socials the First Time You Meet

Exchanging digits and following each other on social media usually happens after meeting a new person a few times. If you two hit it off immediately and exchange info, you can be sure you are on your way to an amazing friendship. Following each other back will give you true insight into each others lives and current friendships. This deep dive into somebody's life is like adding gasoline to the relationship.

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You Find Yourself Liking the Same Unique Things

Did both your heads bob when that cool new indie song came on? Do you both shop at this hole-in-the-wall vintage store you love? Do you have siblings who are around the same age? Finding similarities between two people always makes the bonds of a friendship become tighter. Note this pattern if you feel like this is somebody you can establish a great friendship with.


You Finish Each Other's Sentences

Similar to when you're dating somebody for a long time, finishing each other's sentences points to a tight connection. If after a few hangouts you find yourself finishing your new pal's stories or exhibiting the same sense of humor, it may be a surefire sign that the relationship is heading to a special territory.

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You Show Up Dressing in Similar Outfits

Future BFFs have this crazy ability to dress alike without meaning to. You decide to meet up somewhere only to discover you both arrive wearing the same pair of sneakers and similar cutoffs. Dressing alike without coordinating beforehand is a mysterious phenomenon, but pay close attention and you'll notice it happening with your close friends. If this occurs more often than not with a new pal, take that as a good sign!

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Your Parents Meet Your New Friend (and It Goes Well)

A sign of a great friendship is that your existing family and friends trust and like the new person. If you find yourself introducing the potential BFF to your parents after only a few hangs, this could mean the relationship is going to take off. Parents are great barometers for new people. If the meeting goes well and they allow you to spend a lot of time with your new friend, consider this the ultimate friendship test.


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