At the end of the day, we’re all just trying to stay on top of our Insta game.

But is it possible that you’re bombarding your followers with a little too much relatable content?

Yes, in fact, it absolutely could be. Keep scrolling for seven subtle signs you’re low-key annoying on Instagram.

1. You Post Cryptic Messages

Whether it’s on your story, in your captions or even found in your bio, if you post cryptic messages anywhere on your Instagram, you’re kind of the worst. These messages can range anywhere from an ambiguous note about what a terrible day you’ve had, a message throwing shade at your ex or even a passive-aggressive line about how you “shouldn’t be messed with.” Not only is it a terribly obvious cry for attention, it also usually ends with you lamenting about maintaining your privacy. Like, don’t post it on social media where the entire world can see it then? Just a thought.

Wizards of Waverly Place: Alex Russo grimacing

(Wizards of Waverly Place via Disney Channel)


2. You Put the ‘New Post’ Message on Your Story

A more recent phenomenon, mostly due to the fact that Instagram’s algorithm is a mess, is informing your followers about a new Instagram post by putting “new post up!” in your story. Don’t. Do. It. It’s likely that people will see your post eventually, and if they don’t, is it really going to make that much of a difference? I understand everyone’s just trying to up their “like” ratio, but genuinely no one cares about your Instagram enough to be bombarded with notifications informing them about your new post.


3. You Only Post About Your S.O.

Yes, you and your latest love are just so adorable—we get it. And no one’s opposed to a few happy posts about the strength of your relationship. But no one wants to bombarded with photo after photo of you and your S.O. just living your life, especially if they’re all accompanied by mushy-gushy captions. Paragraphs explaining why your S.O. is the best in the whole entire world really only matter to you, and eventually your followers are going to get sick of it.

RIverdale: Archie and Veronica cuddling

(Riverdale via The CW)


4. You Over-Tag People in Memes

Honestly, tagging people in memes should probably be added as the 6th primary love language because it’s the most pure form of communication. However, it still has its limits. I can’t tell you how much you should be tagging your friends, but if you’re bombarding them upwards of 20 memes a day, you’ve gone too far. No one has time to sift through all those notifications, which means that eventually your pals will probably stop checking them at all. They have other things to do on Instagram beyond looking at things that you find funny, so chill with the meme-tagging.

5. Having a Conversation in the Comments

Comment etiquette 101: Comments are reserved for sweet, funny or encouraging replies that are acceptable for everyone to read. They are not a place to ask your friends what they’ve been up to, if they’re coming over tonight or any other information that’s not relevant to the picture—that’s what DM’s are for. Don’t attempt to have a conversation in the comments, it’s so irritating for the person who posted the picture. The only time it can slide is if it’s a family member who still has no clue how Instagram works—that can be forgiven.

Mean Girls: Karen rolling her eyes on the phone

(Mean Girls via Paramount Pictures)


6. Your Stories Are Excessively Long

Unless you are massively entertaining, no one is going to click through a three-minute story documenting your entire day. No one cares that much about your mundane happenings, which means that you’re practically begging people to unfollow you so they don’t have to go through the hassle of seeing your story all the time. Keep your stories short and sweet, and your followers will definitely thank you for it.


7. You’re Just So #Blessed

Everyone could use a humble brag every now and then, and where better to post about your latest accomplishment than the ‘gram? Talking about something you’re excessively proud of is awesome; filling your entire feed with posts about how #blessed you are is not. First of all, you’re totally misusing the term. Second of all, it’s nothing more than a way to tell people how great your life is without making it sound like you’re bragging. We can all see right through it, and we don’t appreciate it. Keep the #blessed posts to a minimum.


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