8 Signs You're Majorly Obsessed With Candles

If you're anything like us and you have a rather unhealthy obsession with candles, welcome to the club.

And no, it's not something to be ashamed of—it's who you are! If candles spark joy within you, we say the more the merrier. Whether you're into super sweet flavors or more earthy ones, there's a candle out there for every type of person.

Do you think you might be obsessed? Keep reading for the eight signs you're majorly obsessed with candles:

1. You have a space or drawer where you store your candles waiting on deck.

Hate to break it to you, but it's not exactly "normal" to have a drawer or space dedicated to storing your candles. These are the ones you essentially have waiting on deck until your current one or ones burn out. So, if you have at least three candles stored away, chances are, you're rather obsessed.


2. You go through at least one candle a week.

Most candles have pretty long burning times, typically around 80 hours or so. So, if you go through one a week, that means you're pretty much burning it all hours of the day while you're awake. If you need a candle burning while you're working at your desk or you're reading on your bed, we get it, we're right there with you!


3. You always have a candle lit.

Whether you're watching TV, taking a bath, sitting at your desk, cooking in the kitchen—pretty much whenever you're doing anything, do you always have a candle lit? If so, no need to worry because we're definitely in the same boat as you.


4. You put candles in every room.

If you have candles in your bedroom, bathroom, living room, the kitchen and any other room in your house, you're clearly obsessed. Some people (us) even put multiple candles in rooms. After all, you can't have just one candle lighting a big room now, can you?

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5. You love giving candles away as gifts.

When you're giving out gifts, whether it's to the hostess of a party, the birthday girl or someone during the holidays, have they come to expect getting a candle from you? If the answer is yes, it's okay because everyone needs a good candle every now and then.


6. You have a flavor you go back for again and again.

Candles can be bought virtually anywhere these days. If you happen to have a favorite scent or brand that you go back to again and again, it's okay to be a creature of habit! You know what you like and you'd rather purchase something you know you'll enjoy burning.


7. You can'not buy a candle when you go to Bath & Body Works.

Entering Bath & Body Works as a candle lover is like entering the heavenly gates. It's our one-stop shop for everything from candles to lotions to soaps and more. The instant you step inside one, your nose is instantly hit with aromas to die for. There's virtually no way you can walk out without getting at least one candle.


8. You save candle tins that were too cute to throw away.

If you ever have a candle that's almost (almost) too pretty to burn, what do you do when you finally hit the bottom? You save it, of course! Whether you scrape out the leftover wax and use the tin for storage or simply leave it out because it looks good, this is one obvious sign you're obsessed.

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