5 Signs You're Ready for a Long Distance Relationship

Whether it's due to college or other circumstances, a move can put a serious damper on even the strongest of relationships.

If you're wondering whether or not you can handle this major hurdle, read on for five signs you're ready for a long distance relationship.

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You've Survived a Big Fight

Fighting in a relationship is of course not ideal, but if you've survived at least one major fight, congratulations! You're a candidate for a long distance relationship. Based on decreased time spent together and a change in surroundings, your relationship will no doubt be put to the test during this new chapter. If you and your S.O. have already through an intensely hard time and come out on the other side, there's a good chance you can do it again.


You Don't Need to Spend 24/7 Together

If you consider yourself independent and don't rely on your S.O. for every social activity, you may be on your way to a great long-distance relationship. Couples who are codependent and feel the need to spend every second together have the hardest time when they consider taking on a long distance romance. If you two know how to have fun separately, you should consider moving forward after a move is involved in your relationship.

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Your Communication Is On-Point

Can you sense if your S.O. is uncomfortable from across the room? Do you ask if something's wrong even before your partner opens their mouth to complain? If you guys are highly connected and have developed an almost psychic connection, then you're ready for the big leagues. Being away is all about knowing when to be there for the person from afar. If you two find yourselves finishing each other's sentences, then you can consider the move.


Your Parents Think It's a Good Idea

Parents have been there, done that. Although we hate to admit it, the old folks can offer up good advice. They've probably taken a front row seat while they watched your relationship grow. Poll your 'rents and ask if they feel it's a good idea for you two to stay together. If they give you their blessing, it means it's not a bad idea to give long distance a go.

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You've Made a Well Thought-Out Plan to Keep in Communication

If a move is on the horizon and you've made a detailed communication plan, then you should 100% consider staying together. Scheduling daily phone call check-ins or budgeting an hour during the weekends to FaceTime will make the relationship grow. Treat these appointments like you would any other IRL commitment and you can trust your relationship will continue to flourish even if you two are physically apart.


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