Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your Room

While the concept of spring cleaning may not be your favorite part of the season (we'd probably give that spot to spring break or the warmer temperatures), it sure can make a massive difference in your space and the way that space makes you feel.

If you're dreading the idea of doing a deep clean for your room, though, there's no need to sweat it—spring cleaning can be easy and even fun when you do it right! We'll make things as uncomplicated as possible for you by explaining some simple ways to spring clean your room.

1. Clean Out Your Closet

Spring cleaning can go for your wardrobe as well as your abode, which is why cleaning out your closet and ridding yourself of any old items you no longer wear is a great place to start. Whether you donate those unneeded items or try to sell them to a consignment store first, getting them out of your room will free up some precious hanger real estate and prevent you from having to look through so many options that you were never going to end up wearing anyway.

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2. Cut Down on the Clutter

Do all those knickknacks really make you happy, or do they just create a ton of visual clutter that makes your brain feel jumbled in the process? There's nothing wrong with keeping your personality a part of your space, but there are probably plenty of items around your room that you hardly ever stop to appreciate, anyway. Even if you simply can't part with some of these things, cutting down on overall clutter can really help improve the overall feeling of your room.


3. Switch to Solid-Colored Bedding

If you're currently still rocking the same comforter you've had since you were little, it's probably time for a refresh. You can absolutely let your style shine through in your room, but making the switch to a more mature, solid-colored duvet or comforter can help make the room feel fresher and more put together than it ever has before.

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4. Have a Place or a Space for Everything

It's time to stop placing things in the closest available spot and start putting them back in a designated location where they belong. Whether it be the books that you currently have strewn senselessly throughout the space or the stuffed animals that take up more room on your bed than you do each night, knowing where everything "goes" when not actively in use can keep clutter down and make spring cleaning seem simpler than you ever thought possible. If you need to, invest in some organizational gear to make this point more achievable.


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5. Make Your Bed Daily

You've probably heard this tip before, but that doesn't make it any less worth listening to. Making your bed in the morning can be amazing for both your room and your psyche, as it just feels nice to come home to a properly put-together bed each day. It's a small habit that can have a huge effect, and what could be a simpler spring cleaning tip than that?

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