These Organic Body Scrubs Smell Like Chocolate Ganache and Rose Petals, and We're Obsessed

Luxurious body scrubs are great, but when they're even better when they smell amazing.

So when Simply Scrub offered to send me some samples of their rose, soursop, coffee and chocolate organic body scrubs, I was eager to try them for myself.

Simply Scrub chocolate and rose jar

Simply Scrub specializes in body scrubs that only contain 100% certified organic ingredients. Instead of chemicals, they're packed with natural ingredients like brown sugar, sea salt, shea butter and jojoba oil. They only have four different products, and they're all specially formulated to work wonders on your skin.

Simply Scrub Soursop and coffee sample packets

I received smaller samples of the coffee and soursop scents, so I tried those first. As soon as I opened the packet of coffee scrub, the smell of strong black coffee floated up to my nostrils.

The scent became even stronger when I applied it to my skin. In addition to perking me up first thing in the morning, the coffee ground mixture wasn't too abrasive, and rubbing it in a circular motion over my arms and legs felt like a mini massage as I scrubbed away old, dead skin.

The experience left my skin feeling smooth, silky soft and moisturized without being oily. I didn't even need to put lotion on after the shower. Apparently, coffee grounds can also protect your skin from UV protection.

Unfortunately, the delicious coffee scent didn't really linger after I washed it all off (but I can see how some people would see that as a plus).

Next up, it was time to try the soursop scrub. While I'd heard of soursop, I didn't actually know what it was. Turns out it's a tropical fruit with spiky green skin and creamy flesh. I wasn't sure what to expect from the scent, but it smelled like tart, fresh citrus with a hint of mint.

After using it in the shower, I got very similar results to what I got from the coffee scrub. My skin felt fresh and rejuvenated, and the smell didn't stick around for long. In fact, this was true of all four scrubs.

Next, I graduated to the jar of rose scrub. It was certainly the prettiest of the four, with dried red and maroon flakes of rosebud petals coloring the scrub. It also smelled like a bouquet of freshly cut roses. According to Simply Scrub's website, rose also has antibacterial properties that help prevent breakouts.

Simply Scrub rose jar open

And last, I tried the scrub that excited me most. The brand's chocolate scrub looks like a brownie and smells exactly like dark chocolate ganache. There's no way around it—you will be tempted to eat this. But it's not edible, so don't.

Simply Scrub chocolate jar open


To me, the chocolate scrub left my skin feeling the smoothest of all four. Its main ingredients are cacao nibs and coconut oil, so it also makes you temporarily smell like a giant baked good. Unfortunately, the smell doesn't last outside of the shower.

Overall, I found the scrubs exquisite. They made my skin look and feel great, and the scents were gorgeous during the bathing process. I do wish that all four scents would linger beyond that, but it's not enough not to recommend them. Also, because each scrub is made up primarily of an organic exfoliant, you may find that you make quite a mess in the shower when you use them. Be sure to spray down the walls and the shower curtain when you're done putting them on your body.

And while the scrubs aren't expensive, they may be more than some would be willing to spend on bath products. The prices also vary from product to product because of the ingredients involved. For example, a jar of the soursop scrub costs just $13, while the coffee and chocolate scrubs cost $14 and the rose scrub costs $16.

If that doesn't sound too steep for you, we absolutely recommend these products. Especially the chocolate.


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