Skinbuzz, an Organic and Non-GMO Skincare Line, Is Perfect for Teens

Bumblebees are pretty scary when they're chasing you around, but did you know that the ingredients they produce can have some major health benefits?

Nicole Sullivan, founder of Skinbuzz, took her passion for healthy skin and saw an open place in the market. She sustainably sources all-organic and non-GMO ingredients directly from the bee world, and puts them into her product line.

Geared toward tweens and teens, Skinbuzz is a go-to for anyone dealing with sensitive or acne-prone skin. Adults are flocking to the brand, too—the products are that good. Interested in learning more about Skinbuzz? Keep reading for our full interview with founder Nicole Sullivan:

Sweety High: How did Skinbuzz come to be?

Nicole Sullivan: I'm an esthetician and acne specialist. When my clients would ask me what I recommended for the sensitive and acne-prone skin of their kids, I couldn't find a brand on the market that worked for me. I wanted to stick with organic and non-GMO ingredients that wouldn't clog your pores or otherwise possibly cause breakouts. Also, I don't believe overly-harsh ingredients like benzoyl peroxide are always necessary, and I believe BP takes a lot of education to use properly. So, I designed our formulas with my formulator.


SH: How did the bee become the brand's mascot, and, more importantly, how did you decide bees were such an asset to the brand?

NS: Well, everyone loves bees, so the choice to highlight them was easy. Ingredients from bees are perfect for acne-prone skin—they're anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, slightly exfoliating, soothing and ultimately healing. We use either propolis, royal jelly, beeswax or some combination of those in each of our products. We also donate a portion of our profits to bee-supporting organizations.


SH: What do you think are the most important ingredients in skincare for teens?

NS: Oil fighting ingredients like citrus and willow bark. Soothing and healing ingredients like aloe, chamomile and green tea. Purifying and clarifying ingredients like charcoal and bentonite clay.



SH: Given that your line is geared toward teens, what ingredients did you specifically have to avoid, that you would've included in a more mature line?

NS: For adults, I like exfoliating, anti-aging ingredients like Retin-A or glycolic acid.


SH: What is your daughter's typical AM/PM skincare routine?

NS: Sofia first cleanses with Clean•Bee Cleanser, then gives her skin a spritz of Bee•Witched Toner, then moisturizes with Bee•You•Tiful Moisturizer. She does this morning and night. In the day she adds our Bee•Safe Mineral Sunscreen and two to three times a week she cleanses and then uses the Coal•Bee Charcoal Mask then finishes with the toner and moisturizer.


SH: What has been the immediate effect on your brand since coronavirus?

NS: We've actually been luckier than some during COVID. First, we have our website that does well, and we're also on Amazon. Luckily, our brick and mortar accounts have really been able to adapt well.


SH: How do you maintain a positive disposition as a small business owner in these times of distress?

NS: Self-care! Having an online business can be so overwhelming. There's always something to work on or improve. That was difficult for me—I wanted to take downtime, but I would end up feeling like I wasn't working hard enough. Balance is key. Also, making sure I do a mask every couple of days with some tea.


SH: As an adult, what skincare products do you use? Any brands in particular you admire?

NS: I have to be honest, I use Skinbuzz myself. I truly love the blends. I do add the SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Vitamin C serum. I love the Eminence Lime Stimulating Treatment Mask to brighten my skin and a Casmara Alginate Mask if I'm feeling luxurious.


SH: What do you think will come of the skincare and beauty industry as a result of coronavirus?

NS: All I can say is I miss lipstick! Hard to wear with a mask. I feel like skincare will eclipse makeup in sales generally. So many of us are at home and not wearing makeup as much. Also, with Generation Z, they are definitely trending toward skincare and ethically focused brands.


SH: What is Skinbuzz's buzziest product (pun intended)?

NS: The most unique product is our Bee•Safe Mineral Sunscreen. It's amazing and literally every person I've tried it on is blown away. Its whipped texture blends into your skin without residue. It acts almost like a primer in that it smooths your skin. It also leaves no white cast on any color skin. It's a superstar and its reviews are all raves.


SH: Can adults benefit from using any products from the line?

NS: Our products are appropriate for anyone with sensitive skin and/or acne-prone skin. They are super hydrating and feel amazing.


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