Sky Sudberry Of The Short Game Talks Life Lessons!

9-year-old golfer and star of The Short Game Sky Sudberry recently attended a question and answer panel with actor Alec Baldwin and movie director Josh Greenbaum!

The panel and audience members quizzed Sky on her inspirations and ambitions as a golfer!

"When did you decide you were going to golf?" Baldwin toward the beginning of the interview.

"Well I started doing tennis. At 3 1/2 my dad took me out to the golf course and it just started from there and kept on going," she answered.

At first, Sky could only knock the ball a couple of yards, but something kept her playing the game, and over time she became one of the best young golfers in the world.

Filming The Short Game, involved lots of interviews and being asked some funny questions by the director. For example, if Sky could be any animal, what would she be?

"A cat," Sky responded without a moment's hesitation.

Sometimes, one of the biggest pressures on young golfers can be the parents. Baldwin asked Sky if she has taught her dad to keep his frustration to himself when things go wrong.

"He kind of teaches himself," she explained.

After all, Sky doesn't come from a golf family. Her dad rarely plays the game, and her mom never does.

When Sky steps on the golf course, it's usually to practice. She just gets a couple of days off per week. After all, nearly daily practice has made her one of the best.

"Usually it's for practice but sometimes I go out with my friends and play for fun," she said.

One of Sky's disadvantages in the game is her tiny size, even for her age. She boxes with her dad to help with strength training. She also struggles with asthma, and even got strung by a bee at the world championship.

Though she's only 9, Sky's perseverance and skill, as well as her sweet personality, have made her a golfing icon to many.

"I've learned so much from you today, Sky," Baldwin said at the end of the interview. "I've learned so many powerful life lessons that I'm going to take out of this theatre tonight and apply them in my life."

The Short Game premieres in theaters throughout the U.S. on September 20. Check out more details at the following links!

Watch the full interview below- but be warned, if you haven't seen the movie yet, there are some spoilers!