12 Reasons To Be Obsessed With Skylar Stecker!

Skylar Stecker just dropped her debut album This Is Me and it's everything we've ever wanted in life! She's definitely one of our favorite new artists. You guys need to be obsessed with her too, and these are all the reasons why.

1. Skylar is only 13, but she has a voice like Beyonce. Her vocal range is INSANE!


2. She even covered Queen Bey's "Pretty Hurts" and it was flawless.


3. All of her songs are SO relatable and it's obviously because she writes her own music. She def understands what we're going through.


4. She's super close with our boys Kalin and Myles. They're even featured on a song on her album.



5. And she's even besties with our Radio Disney fam. We love this pic of her and Brooke Taylor.



6. Skylar is a major animal lover. How cute is her selfie with Jiff?


7. She slays in every outfit she wears. We need to raid her closet!


8. She's a total foodie and leaves our mouths watering with all the food pics she posts on Insta. Vegan food never looked so delish!


9. Skylar's also an actress. She guest-starred on an episode of Austin & Ally as a student at their music school. We would LOVE to see her on the show again.



10. Even when she's in the air, she can't stay off her laptop. We feel this on a spiritual level.


11. Her sense of adventure is always pushing her to try new things. Get it, surfer girl.


12. We die for her poses in her pics. She just serves straight-up fierceness all the time.


Skylar's song "Rascal" was on our playlist for National Repeat Day. Listen to the other songs on the playlist here!