12 Simple Steps to Becoming a Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl Master in No Time

Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl-Gold is our current video game obsession, even if it took us quite a few hours within the game to find out footing and discover what makes it so special.

The folks at Nintendo kindly gave us a review key for the game on the Nintendo Switch, and we can't put it down. Still, if you're only used to super simple RPGs—or don't play RPGs at all—it can feel like there are way too many items and elements to keep track of and wrap your mind around to fully comprehend the game straight away. Thankfully, the game isn't as complicated as it can seem at first.

We've compiled a list of the tips we knew from the beginning to make our adventure smooth sailing from the start. Follow these steps to level up and improve your strength faster so you can get right into the experience.


(Snack World via Level-5)

Recruit Those Snacks

In Snack World, "Snacks" refer not to tasty treats, but instead to the unusual monsters that populate the land. While you'll start your adventures on your own, over the course of the game, you can begin to recruit Snacks to your team. Each different species of monster has a Familiarity meter that shows how well-acquainted you are with them. Once Familiarity is maxed, you'll get the opportunity to take a "Snack Shot," capturing a photo of the Snack and adding it to your team. You'll want to collect Snacks, select the ones with the best stats, and equip them as Party Snacks for your dungeon crawling. As you play, you'll also collect Lollipops. There are 12 families of Snacks, and 12 corresponding Lollipops that you can use to improve Familiarity within each family. Don't let them go to waste.


(Snack World via Level-5)


Boost Rapport With Snacks

Once you've added Snacks to your team, you'll want to build Rapport with them. The more you adventure with the same snacks, the closer you'll get to them, and the more powerful your Snacks will become. Along the way, you'll also come across an item called Tie Curry Chips. Feeding these to your favorite Snacks will also increase Rapport, so use them to quickly strengthen your allies and get the upper hand.


(Snack World via Level-5)


Don't Ignore Fabricatalogs

Whenever you have extra Gravies (the in-game currency) lying around, don't forget to exchange them for Fabricatalogs from outfitting stores. Purchasing them will allow you to fabricate your own clothing and armor directly from the menu screen. While crafting this new gear uses up valuable resources, it's worth it for the improvements to your stats, so choose the outfits you fabricate wisely.


Fortify Your Jaras

In Snack World, your weapons and shields are known as Jaras. You can also use materials to improve the states of your Jaras (as well as your armor) to make them more valuable to you in battle. While you might want to only stick with the type of Jara that feels most natural to you, it's wise to have a variety of weapons on hand at all time. If a specific weapon runs out of JP, or Jara Points, on the field, you won't be able to attack until you switch to a different Jara to let your JP recharge.

Don't have the materials you need for a fortification? When you're choosing a quest, you can get a preview of the materials you might obtain there. Play (and replay) the right quests until you get what you need.


Don't Waste Your Resources

When it comes to color materials, pay very close attention to the quality of what you're using. Higher-quality materials are worth five, 10 or even 20 of a standard material, which is great for crafting resource-intensive items. However, if you use a 20-quality item when you only need two, you'll use the whole thing. Place these materials wisely.


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Set Your Character Traits

Unless you dig around a bunch within the menus, you might not even realize that your adventurer in Snack World has Character Traits under the Pix-e Profile app. These traits are set manually by the player. Every time you level up, you gain a Life Point, which can be added to six character traits. Do you want enhanced Charm to boost your strength, or Intelligence for heightened magic defense? Depending on your gameplay style, you might want to max out one stat first, or take a more balanced approach by spending points equally. Whatever you decide, don't just let those points sit there and not help you out.


(Snack World via Level-5)


Play Every Day

While you don't have to play Snack World every day, doing so will make your journeying and leveling-up a lot simpler. Visit Sam Witch at the Mystic Marquee daily to have your fortune read and nab some free items, and check out the shops every day to check out their new inventory. The "next day" starts at 6 a.m., so come back when everything restocks to buy what you need to get stronger.



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Use Every EX-Star-P

EX-Star-P items boost your experience, and you're going to want to use every one you encounter in order to level up as quickly as possible. While these handy items can also be sold for Gravies, they're much more valuable as an investment into your levels, which make you stronger and more capable in the dungeons.


(Snack World via Level-5)


Dress on Trend

In Snack World, style matters. The world's top trends change daily, and if you dress to the trends, you'll be more likely to get rare items during your adventures. Pay attention to the hot brand, color and style of the day to see if you have the outfits that'll allow you to look the part. In the menu, little pink stars will indicate how many of the three you're matching. And the more options you have in your wardrobe, the more likely you'll be to have just the right thing to wear.


Trade in Your Melonia Cards

Throughout the game, you'll be collecting a lot of Melonia Cards. Their only purpose is to be exchanged for Geoloyalty points at Gelatto's Weapon Parlor, so don't hang on to them. Those points can be exchanged for amazing items—and the more of them that you earn, the better the items in the shop become.  And while you're there, might as well sell off any other items you won't be using. We recommend sticking to selling gems, which are otherwise useless. You never know what other item you're suddenly going to need.


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Hug the Walls

During dungeon crawls, there will often be a lot to keep track of, and you won't always be able to keep a close eye on your surroundings. Maze-like dungeons are dotted with trap tiles that will cause frustrating ailments, or even erase all of the maps you've plotted out so far. The solution? Hug the walls when you crawl dungeons. These tiles are always in the center of paths, so if you're not in the center, you won't have any problems hitting them.


(Snack World via Level-5)


Stuck? Try Revisiting Old Quests

If you're feeling in over your head in the next mission, there's no reason you can't go back and re-do another one you've already completed. Not only is this a good chance to easily rack up experience and level up your character, but if you've been on the lookout for specific materials you can go back to a level that contains them to farm for what you need.


(Snack World via Level-5)


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