Vote: Are You More Excited For The Instagram Or Snapchat Updates?

Snapchat and Instagram both announced some major changes happening to their apps today. Instagram revealed it is ~finally~ allowing users to post videos that are up to one minute long so all your followers can experience your life a little more fully. Um, bless! Snapchat shared that serious changes happened to its chat feature. You can now send someone a video or voice note and even do some serious video chatting. Oh, and we can't forget that they added the cutest little stickers you can (and should) send to your friends all day every day!

An illustration of Snapchat vs Instagram

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We're definitely excited about both of these updates being a part of our life, but we want to know which app's update you are really feeling. Tell us now by voting below!


Both of these updates have certainly made our lives a little bit easier. We're just going to go ahead and add to this helpfulness by sharing 7 Insta hacks that will have you falling in love with the app all over again.