Snapchat Just Rolled Out a New Update, and Here Are the Best Twitter Reactions

Snapchat recently decided to make a major update to the app's design, and… well, it's not the greatest thing we've ever experienced.

Actually, that's putting it mildly—the new update is a bit of a mess. The latest design changes the placement of almost everything on the app, resulting in one "Friends" screen where you can watch stories and send individual photos, messages and group chats.

Not only does grouping all this information together on one page create a rather confusing experience, it also changes which stories you see first. Instead of the latest posts at the top, stories now appear based on who you interact with the most. First Instagram and now Snapchat—what do these people have against chronological order?!

Snapchat is aware that their update is a big change for those in their community, but they hope everyone will adjust as time goes on. Users, however, aren't quite as certain.

Some felt that the new update was a good reminder to seize the day:


While others immediately took a nostalgic stance:


Some users turned to the power of gifs to explain their frustration:



And others decided to take their anger out on the source of the problem:


Still others turned to the power of poetry to express their frustration:


Overall, everyone could agree that the new update isn't the best choice the social media company has made:




Sorry, Snapchat. We're willing to give the new update a shot, but all these changes are definitely making our heads spin.


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