We don’t think that socks get the respect they deserve.

In addition to keeping your feet comfy and warm, they’re super important for absorbing moisture, preventing blisters and bad smells when you’re wearing shoes—and, of course, it doesn’t hurt when the socks are also super cute. That’s why we’ve been testing out all kinds of socks over the last month to find the best of the best. Keep scrolling for our very favorite stylish and comfy socks for teens.

sockshh Champ Stamp No Show Socks: $11.99

We love the design of sockshh’s no-show socks, which support feet with non-slip silicone strips while being comfy as well as invisible when you’re wearing your favorite tennis shoes. Their Undefeeted socks come in a unique green and yellow tartan for a sporty look when your shoes are off, and also have a fresh pine scent, which you can renew by sticking it back into its reusable packaging.

sockshh champ stamp undefeeted socks

(via sockshh)


Bombas Women’s Marl Ankle Socks: $13

After years of hearing them advertised in all of our favorite podcasts, we finally tried Bombas socks, and they’re just as wonderful as they’re made out to be. We’ve been wearing their Women’s Marl Ankle Socks, which are as soft as butter while also featuring a cushioned footbed, blister tab and seamless toe. They’re so comfy it’s like they’re not even there—and even better, for every Bombas item purchased, an equivalent item is donated to people experiencing homelessness.

bombas womens marl ankle socks

(via Bombas)


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Pact Premium Crew Socks 3-Pack: $24

We’re longtime fans of Pact and their organic cotton apparel, and their socks are some of our favorite to wear. They’re made with organic cotton yarn, with cushioned footbeds and arch support, but we especially love their cute styles. They hit mid-calf, which is great for when you want to show off your socks, and these flamingo, pineapple and flower patterns are just too adorable.

pact premium crew socks 3 pack

(via Pact)


Silver Spun Goods Chase Footie Trio: $56

Nobody likes dealing with foot odor, and that’s what makes Silver Spun Goods’ socks so special. They utilize special SilverSpun fibers in order to be stink-free and antimicrobial. You’d think that might make them uncomfortable, but the opposite is actually true. The woven look and bold colors on this sock trio are eye-catching while also being functional—and the toe seam is even on the outside for added comfort.

silver spun goods chase footie trio

(via Silver Spun Goods)


Copper Fit Energy Sport Ankle Socks: $14.99+

Copper Fit’s Energy Sport Ankle Socks are designed specifically to help you keep up with an active lifestyle. They’re designed to be ultra-soft, with a cushioned footbed for added comfort, while also providing compression around the arch of your feet to reduce fatigue. The material is also infused with copper in order to reduce odor and allow for advanced moisture-wicking and venting, keeping feet dry, clean and smelling fresh.

copperfit energy sport ankle socks

(via Copper Fit)


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Dash of Pep Self-Care Fuzzy Socks: $12

Not everyone loves the texture of fuzzy socks, but for those who believe they’re the epitome of cozy comfort, we recommend these Self-Care socks from Dash of Pep. Not only do they have a great message, but the pastel color combo is also on point. In a way, just wearing these socks can be an act of self-care.

dash of pep self-care fuzzy socks

(via Dash of Pep)


The Kawaii Factory Milk Series Ankle Socks: $6.99

If you’re all about the aesthetic when it comes to your socks, check out this adorable five-pair set from The Kawaii Factory. It comes with five pairs of socks, featuring plain milk, strawberry milk and banana milk to keep your feet looking cute for every weekday. They’re the perfect complement to your favorite sweet outfits for lounging around at home.

the kawaii factory milk series ankle socks

(via The Kawaii Factory)


My-Happy Feet Socks: $23.95

Okay, so these may not be socks you’ll proudly parade around, but they serve such an important function—especially for those whose feet are often cramped within heels or other narrow shoes. That’s because keeping your toes confined can misalign your toes and cause everything from foot paint to bunyons and hammertoe. These socks help to separate your toes and get your feet back into the shape they should be, while still being comfy and without any bulky correctional equipment. If you’ve been having troubles with your feet, they’re more than worth the investment.

my happy feet alignment socks

(via My-Happy Feet)


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VIM & VIGR 15-20 mmHg Lemons ($36) and Pinstripe ($36) Socks

If you’re looking for all-over leg compression in an adorable package, be sure to check out VIM & VIGR’s sock options. They use a system of graduated compression to increase circulation, helping to oxygenate the blood in your legs in order to reduce swelling, achiness and fatigue after you’ve been active. Not only do they work wonders, but they also put an emphasis on design so you can proudly wear them everywhere.

vimandvigr compression socks

(via VIM & VIGR)


Naked Cashmere Stripe Socks: $75

These socks are the priciest ones on the list, but they’ve fully earned it because they’re some of the softest things we’ve ever touched. They’re made with 100% pure cashmere, with an unmatched feel against the skin, and while they’re perfect for cooler weather, once you wear them, you really won’t want to wear anything else.

naked cashmere cashmere stripe socks

(via Naked Cashmere)



American Giant All-Day Comfort Ankle Socks: $15

American Giant is one of our favorite brands for everyday pieces that are both extra comfy and tough, and it should come as no surprise that their socks are no different. These are thick yet airy, with elastic to prevent sliding and a comfortable toe seam that prevents rubbing, while also having a totally classic look.

american giant all day comfort ankle socks

(via American Giant)


Swiftwick MAXUS Zero Tab: $16.99

Have issues with blisters and chafing in your usual socks? Swiftwick’s MAXUS Zero Tab socks are here to solve your woes. They combine a plush footbed with moisture-wicking material to keep feet dry and cool (which prevents blistering), and also have a micro tab for protecting the back of the foot. We happen to think they look pretty awesome, too.

Swiftwick maxus zero tab sockw

(via Swiftwick)


MinxNY Days of the Week Anklet Socks: $8.99

We can’t be the only ones who love taking the guesswork out of choosing our socks every day with days of the week socks, and these ones from MinxNY are something special. Not only are they super soft, but all of MinxNY’s socks come with an aromatherapeutic lavender pouch to infuse them with a floral, relaxing scent. They also cover the five days of the week, plus “weekend” for when you don’t have to be anywhere in particular.

MinxNY days of the week anklet socks

(via MinxNY)


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