14 Songs That Sum Up Every Single Thing We Feel During Fall

When it comes to fall, our emotions run wild.

We feel peace, renewal, motivation and love in different ways than we do during any other time of year.


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Maybe it's the falling leaves, maybe it's the chill breeze, maybe it's the autumnal holidays—we really don't know the reason, but for us, this is the most special time of year.

What better way to express our emotions during this three-month period than through music? Keep scrolling for 14 songs that perfectly sum up everything we feel during fall:

For when you feel the pain of realizing your summer fling is just that:

"Summer Skin" by Death Cab for Cutie

This melancholy classic by one of our fave bands, Death Cab for Cutie, expresses to a T all the sadness that goes into reflecting on a summer romance that, disappointingly, didn't progress past Labor Day. While dealing with a failed fling (against your will) is heartbreaking, at least you know someone has experienced your exact same emotions, as evidenced by this detailed track. 

For when you feel hopeful about your summer fling extending through the fall:

"When the Summer Ends" by Savoir Adore

"When the Summer Ends" also centers on a summer fling post-summer, but comes off a bit more hopeful than its predecessor. With an upbeat melody—and lyrics that include: "Do you think the moon would fall into the sea, if it pulled on the world as hard as your love's pulled on me"—it raises the possibility of a continued romance, as opposed to acknowledging that it is for sure a thing of the past. 

For when you feel like staying indoors, taking in the sounds of a rainy day:

"Love Left" by 16 Bit Lolitas

This song has no lyrics, but when played against the sound of rain's pitter patter, an instrumental is really all you need. This beautiful melody pairs perfectly with the sound of Mother Nature making her presence known.

For when you feel focused, with a PSL in one hand and study materials in the other:

"The Trip" by Still Corners

When we think of fall and the music we see ourselves jamming out to at a coffee shop this season, this song comes to mind. Easy on the ears, but still a pleasure to hear, this melodic dream pop jam won't distract you from your work, but rather keep your head in the game.

For when you feel like this is the season you're finally ready to move on from your ex:

"Letting Go" by Wild Nothing

We feel like all of Wild Nothing's music is appropriate for every fall occasion, but this song in particular really fits the idea of starting fresh. "Letting Go" is about finally being ready to bid adieu to a failed romance.

For when you feel a little sad and sentimental about a previous fall romance gone wrong:

"Autumn Tree" by Milo Greene

Oh, man. If you're mourning a failed fall romance, these lyrics will bring a tear to your eye. Referencing "a yard full of leaves" and "the chair where you would swing … under the autumn tree," the associations of a relationship and this season are straightforward and sorrowful (adding, "The cold winter aged the soft of your face, and I can't move on"), so bust out a tissue and get ready to get deep in your feelings. But at least it will be therapeutic.

For when you feel like embracing fall's new beginnings and never looking back:

"Autumn" by Big Scary

This indie pop track from Aussie duo Big Scary has an upbeat and triumphant melody, with just the right lyrics to get you pumped about the fresh start that fall brings. Here's just a little taste of words we totally get behind: "Feet keep on tapping, new rhythms we're clapping today. So sweep out your driveway, and hope that a new life comes your way." 

For when you feel at ease, cruising through fall foliage with your special someone:

"Drive" by Glades

Taking a scenic route through leaf-covered roads with the person you most care about brings out only the most relaxed and happiest feelings. There's no better song to capture the experience than "Drive" by Glades. The lyrics are so romantic, with an alluring melody to accompany them. Consider this your new go-to track whenever you're in the car with your love.

For when you feel reflective during a scenic fall hike:

"Bloom" by The Paper Kites

If there's a song that epitomizes what fall "should sound like," umm, this is it. While technically a love song, this is a tune we play on repeat all through autumn, regardless of what we're doing. Nothing feels better than blaring this folk-rock track through our headphones as we reflect on life and take in the beautiful sights of the season by ourselves.

For when you feel down due to the weather change, and all you need is the perfect dark and moody melody to get you through:

"Eyes on Fire" by Blue Foundation

While the beautiful-yet-melancholy "Eyes on Fire" was written for the Twilight soundtrack, Blue Foundation's Tobias Wilner says the lyrics were written from the heart, explaining, "I did the music in the hardest period in my life, struggling with [my] relationship… It was all about stand up against your demons and fight back, be strong. I think that's the beauty about this song. It's about anger and strength to fight back."

So when you feel the season getting the best of you, give this song a spin and think about using the lyrics to push you through a tough time. 

For when you feel the warm and fuzzies of a fresh fall romance:

"All I Want" by Anna of the North

With summer but a mere memory, it's time to set the pool party dance tracks aside and mellow out with "All I Want" by Anna of the North. Not only is this Norwegian dreampop singer's voice everything we need to put us at ease, but the lovey-dovey lyrics are basically saying she doesn't want anything to come in the way of a peaceful romance with her love—perfect for any fresh fall romance.

For when you feel like cuddling with your S.O. in front of the fireplace and letting the day drift by:

"Two Bodies" by Flight Facilities f./Emma Louise

Flight Facilities is the Aussie indie electro duo that brings us so many deep, beautiful melodies we have constantly in regular rotation, but "Two Bodies," in particular, is the perfect accompaniment to a day spent alone with your S.O., doing nothing but enjoying each others' company. It's such a relaxing song, so it only makes sense that you're chilling near a fireplace or cuddling on a couch with the rain pouring outside.

For when you feel more in love than ever, while standing under the bright moon with your S.O.:

"Starlight (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix)" by Claes Rosen

What better song to play while staring at the stars with your S.O. than the beautiful "Starlight" by Claes Rosen? The melody will enchant you, and the lyrics will feel ever so fitting.

For when you're feeling let down because of a random sunny, hot day amid the rainy ones:

"Only Happy When It Rains" by Garbage

You didn't think we'd complete a fall playlist without this classic by Garbage, did you? "Only Happy When It Rains" is an iconic '90s jam that we frequently catch ourselves singing on the reg when we just can't get the drizzle we deserve!

Want to have this full playlist handy whenever you need some falliday magic to emerge on the spot? Scroll no further than right below!



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