Sourse's Chocolate Vitamins Are THE Tastiest Way to Treat Your Body From the Inside Out

I don't know about you, but when my vitamins taste good, I'm twice as likely to remember to take them consistently, and I wind up feeling better for it.

And while I'm perfectly happy to chew on gummy vitamins any day of the week, I know they aren't to everyone's tastes. Prefer chocolate? That's where Sourse comes in. They specialize in vitamin-infused dark chocolate bites that pack lots of goodness into every piece, making them a must for chocoholics.

So when the team behind Sourse reached out and asked if I'd be interested in trying out their offerings, I had to say yes. Keep reading to find out what makes Sourse one-of-a-kind, and why you'll love their vitamin-infused chocolates, too.

The Brand

Sourse's vitamins are designed to be a treat for both your body and your tastebuds. Their vitamin-infused dark chocolates, wrapped in colorful candy coatings, are based on clinically-backed dosage guidelines and made delicious with minimally processed clean and plant-based ingredients. According to the brand, cocoa also happens to be a prebiotic that helps good bacteria grow in the gut, therefore absorbing nutrients more readily. Sourse's ingredients are specifically chosen to help boost your mood and appearance, leaving you glowing inside and out. Their bites are also 100% vegan, non-GMO and free of any allergens and gluten. Each two-bite serving is 20 calories.

At the moment, Sourse offers Glow Bites, Hype Bites, Mood Bites and Beauty Bites, and one-month supplies of each cost $34. When you first enter their website, you should also get a pop-up, where you can sign up with your email address to get $10 off your first order.

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The Bites

Glow Bites

I began my Sourse experience with Glow Bites—one of the brand's original offerings. These bites have a deep blue color and are packed with polar lipids, or Ceramosides, which contains collagen and is clinically proven to improve skin moisture, texture and elasticity in as little as two weeks.

Glow Bites bag

(via Sourse)

I have to admit I was slightly hesitant before biting in because I'm an oddball who actually can't stand the crunchy texture of M&M's shells. I was worried this would be the same, but it wasn't at all. The texture had some bite but was still much softer and more pleasant. I also loved the taste of the chocolate, which was quite sweet, and managed to be dark, but not bitter.

Of course, I didn't see results after that first day, but after two weeks of having them daily, I do feel like my skin looks healthier overall. I haven't had any breakouts, and I actually feel like the dark circles under my eyes have been reduced. Maybe that's all because of the time change and getting more sleep, but it's possible these Glow Bites played a part, too!

Sourse glow bites

(via Sourse)


Hype Bites

The second vitamins I tried were the Hype Bites, which come in a bold reddish-pink color. Again, the texture was just right, and the dark chocolate inside tasted quite similar to the rich, sweet chocolate in the Glow Bites. However, these ones are infused with plenty of vitamin B12, which is said to help with sustained energy and mental focus.

Sourse hype bites bag

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I've been popping a couple of these each morning right after breakfast, and I swear I've been better focused. My mind doesn't drift as much when I'm trying to work, and I've been able to buckle down and be more productive, without feeling overworked. It's certainly welcome, and the fact that it's chocolate getting me there makes it even better.

Sourse hype bites

(via Sourse)


Mood Bites

Next up are the Mood Bites, coming in a tannish-yellow color, which includes saffron extract as well as vitamin D3. According to the packaging, saffron extract boosts serotonin and lowers cortisol, while vitamin D3 supports a healthy brain and immune system. Where I live, it's starting to get dark very early, so any extra vitamin D is very welcome.

Sourse mood bites bag

(via Sourse)

With this chocolate, I noticed the flavor was definitely different than the previous two. The first taste on the palette is a bit nuttier, and then it takes another taste I can only describe as a new car smell. It's definitely odd, but it's still chocolatey enough for me not to mind too much—especially because these make me feel great. Maybe it's just in my head, but when I take these vitamins, my mood feels slightly more balanced, and I feel like I can deal with more things without getting overwhelmed. Definitely worth that taste!

Sourse hype bites lifestyle

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Beauty Bites

And last, but not least, were the Beauty Bites. These ones have a lavender shell and are infused with biotin, which is an ingredient that aids hair, nail and skin health. Again, I noticed a different taste in these bites, but this time it was that they didn't taste very sweet at first, with the delicious chocolatey flavor coming in after time.

And of the four bites, I feel like this one's efficacy was the toughest to gauge. I generally have pretty healthy hair and nails, and haven't had any breakage with either lately. If you struggle in either of these areas, you might see more noticeable changes while taking them. I didn't mind either way. Whatever happened, I got to eat chocolate!

Sourse Beauty bites bag

(via Sourse)


Bottom Line

If you're obsessed with chocolate and aren't so good at regularly taking your vitamins, I definitely recommend Sourse. They're rich, naturally flavored and full of good-for-you vitamins, and you definitely won't forget to take them if you're driven by chocolate. While they are products that come at a premium price, and they definitely won't be in everyone's budget, I can say they mostly work for me, so if you're curious and you've got the cash, they're definitely worth a try.


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