Space is tight. If anyone knows that, it’s us.

For all you fellow space cadets out there, we rounded up some out-of-this-world items you need added to your life faster than the speed of light.

Keep scrolling to give them a look!

“Leave Me Alone” Planet Socks: $14

What’s better than an item that expresses how much you love space and how much you need it, too?

Leave Me Alone planet socks from Nylon

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Solar System T-Shirt: $18.70

The planets have aligned for you on this tee, so you know you need it.

Solar system T-shirt from The Mountain

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“Space Explorer” Patch: $6

If you aren’t a space explorer already, at least you can claim you are with this patch.

Space Explorer patch from Mokuyobi

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Under the Stars Duvet Cover: $149

Sleep under the stars every night with this duvet covering your bed.

Under the Stars duvet cover from Urban Outfitters

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Space Corgi Enamel Pin: $12

Because corgis love space, too!

Space corgi enamel pin from Etsy

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Planet Necklace: $19.92

Simple yet chic.

Planet necklace resting on a bright blue background

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Space Bar Sticker: $5.32

No pun will ever beat this one.

Space Bar sticker

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Planet Lollipops: $15.50

Have your space and eat it, too.

Planet lollipops from Etsy

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“Goodbye” Denim Jacket: $98

We’re heading for Mars.

Goodbye denim jacket from Valfré

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Intergalactic Bath Bomb: $7.75

Float around in your own galaxy during your next bath.

Intergalactic bath bomb from Lush

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Planet Print: $29

Wish the planets were this easy to view.

Planetarium print from Urban Outfitters

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Planet String Lights: $14.99

The only way to light up your room.

Planet string lights from Think Geek

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Facts From Space! Book: $10.87

You may think you know everything about space, but there are plenty more fun facts you will learn with a little help from this book.

Facts From Space! book

(via Target)


Star and Moon Glitter Nail Polish: $9

Your nails will be truly dazzling all the time coated in this polish.

Starry glitter nail polish

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Solar System iPhone Case: $28

No better case to protect your most prized possession.

Solar system iPhone case

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Because you love space so much, we recommend you give THIS cartoon a solid binge-watching sesh.