Spotify Wrapped Is Finally Back—and This New Podcast Gives the Ultimate Inside Look Behind It

While other people look forward to huge awards shows every year, we eagerly anticipate the month of December, because it marks the arrival of Spotify Wrapped.

Yesterday, Spotify Wrapped screenshots dominated our social media feeds for the seventh annual Spotify Wrapped. Of course, we had to log into the app ourselves to let it do its magic and find out everything from our opening credits themes to how many minutes we spent listening, our top songs, our "audio aura," top genres, top artists and so much more. But have you ever wondered how Spotify Wrapped actually gets made?

That question gets thoroughly explored in the latest episode of the Spotify original podcast Spotify: For the Recordout today, Dec. 2. The podcast gives listeners an insider's look at all things Spotify, and it's only appropriate that this week's episode revolves entirely around this year's exciting Spotify Wrapped campaign.

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Over about half an hour, host Neil Curry chats about what goes into Spotify Wrapped to get it made every year, but even more exciting, we get to hear from some of the most-streamed artists of 2021—and we wouldn't be surprised if at least one of them was on your personal Wrapped this year. That includes sea shanty artist Nathan Evans, fan favorites Dua Lipa and Ed Sheeran and, of course, the No. 1 most-streamed artist for the second year in a row, Bad Bunny. Listen to the full episode below!


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