How to Cleanse Your Energy for a Fresh Start This Spring

Spring is the season of fresh starts and renewal, making it the perfect time to look inward and think about cleansing your energy.

Taking care of your energy means taking care of your mind, body and soul—and even if you don't believe in a spiritual life force, it doesn't hurt to participate in a little self-care every once in a while. Here  are some of our favorite springtime tips for refreshing your energy.

Do a Little Spring Cleaning

Cleaning your room never sounds like much fun, but it can do wonders for your wellbeing. Take some advice from Marie Kondo and let go of the things that are neither necessary nor adding any happiness to your life to completely renew your energy. Donate your stuff to give someone else the chance to get their own happiness from your old things. The simple act of decluttering can also be soothing to your body and spirit, allowing your energy to flow more freely. And if the idea of tidying your entire room is too daunting, try cleansing the entrance to your space instead to achieve a similar effect. As you reorganize and shed the old, you might even rediscover a few things about yourself along the way.


Use Renewing Essential Oils

A little aromatherapy can go a long way, and there are all kinds of spring-scented essential oils that will make you smell amazing while allowing you to reap their many benefits. Lemon, lavender and clary sage each have their own unique effects, including their abilities to cleanse negative energy. Find some essential oils you love, with properties you'll get the most use from, and play around with them until you discover exactly what's right for you and your needs.


Become One With Nature

The warmer weather of spring makes it the perfect time to get back in touch with nature. The cleansing energy of fresh air, sunshine and foliage all work together to help you flush out negative vibes and soak in the good. We know this might sound kind of strange, but literally hugging a tree will help you tap right into its positive energy and ground you with the earth. If you don't have any big trees nearby (or just don't want to look weird in public), see if you can do a little gardening. Pressing your palms to the soil and getting your hands dirty, so to speak, can also connect you with its calming, stable energy.


Create a Green Space

If time outdoors among the trees always soothes your soul, try bringing a little bit of that into your home with some plants and greenery. Both the clean air they provide and the presence of calming green in your room can be great for clearing the mind and feeling totally renewed. Plus, the simple act of nurturing a living thing—even if all it requires is water, sunshine and a bit of love, can be very revitalizing. If you have enough natural light streaming in through your windows, you might even be able to grow your own herbs and spices. Not only are they handy for cooking, but fresh plants have all the same benefits as their essential oils, and more.

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Do Some Outdoor Breathwork

Proper breathing techniques can have an incredible impact on both your energy levels and your spirit, and it can be even more effective when you're outdoors with fresh, clean air. Start by sitting up straight, yet comfortably, with your hands on your knees. Inhale through your nose and count to five before pausing, then exhale as you count to five again. As you get comfortable with this, you can extend both counts, ensuring that the exhale is always as long, if not longer, than the inhale. It may sound too simple to be true, but breathing exercises can make you feel like a new person. If counting gets you too caught up in your head, you may also want to search for breathwork podcasts to do all the thinking and guiding for you.


Spend Time With Animals

Of course you can spend QT with your pets any time of the year, but the warmth of spring might give you a little extra encouragement to be more active with the animals in your life. Engaging more directly with their care, whether that means feeding, training, picking up after or walking them can be really beneficial to your energy. But also be aware of your actions. When you're petting or handling your animal, be careful not to channel your negative energy into them. Grow positivity with them, and then afterward, funnel any excess bad energy through breathing or yoga exercises.

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If you want to do a complete cleanse for the new season, click HERE to find out about Body Vibes stickers and their energy-cleansing effects.