8 Emotional Stages of Realizing You Can't Stand Your Fave Artist's New Album

Music is life.

Okay, that sounds dramatic, but hear us out. It's there to pump you up when you need a boost of confidence, to warm your heart when your crush is giving you butterflies and to console you through difficult life struggles.

Because these tunes are with us through every stage in life, it's no wonder that our favorite artists sometimes feel like our best friends. Each album they produce feels like it speaks to us directly. Ahh, they know us so well.

Which is exactly why we experience a roller coaster of emotions when our fave artist suddenly changes up their sound. Why would you deliberately hurt us like this??

Continue reading to relate to all of the feelings you experience when realizing you can't stand your fave musician's latest album:

1. Justification: Eh, Singles Aren't My Thing Anyway

Those first couple of songs begin to emerge and you're surprised to find that you aren't into them. But your first response is to justify your lack of enthusiasm by telling yourself you just don't like singles. It isn't the new album that you dislike, it's the catchy nature of singles. It must be… right?

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2. Blame: I Must Be Wrong Because Everyone Else Loves It

So after you justify your distaste for these new songs, you begin to blame yourself. Something must be off with your music radar because everyone else is digging these tunes. You go along with the new music to blend in with the popular opinion, even though you're completely faking the infatuation.


3. Patience: Okay, Okay, But the Full Album Will Rock

So you're hesitant about these singles, but you know your fave artist will pull through with a totally impressive full album. Maybe you just don't "get" these songs yet because they are small pieces of a larger whole. You'll patiently wait until the album drops and then you'll feel dumb for ever doubting your music goddess.


4. Panic: OMG the Full Album Isn't Any Better

What?? What?! So the album dropped and you immediately listened to the whole thing, start to finish. But panic gripped your chest as each passing song proved that your fave artist has begun experimenting with a new sound. Whether they went more mainstream or, conversely, way too obscure, you can't stand this new voice in the place of your once beloved sound.


5. Obsession: Maybe I Can Train Myself to Like It

Despite your negative feelings towards the new music, you put the album on repeat in hopes that you'll brainwash yourself into liking it. After all, so many catchy tunes work their way into our hearts simply by getting radio play. But unfortunately, you may be learning the lyrics but that doesn't mean you like what they have to say. Brainwashing Mission: Impossible.


6. Denial: This Album Totally Isn't Real

You refuse to acknowledge that this album exists or allow it to take a seat on the discography throne. Some evil force has obviously interfered with your artist's sound but they'll be back to normal in no time. You've already decided that you won't speak of this album again, and if anyone asks, it never happened.

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7. Impatience: When Will Their Next Album Drop?

So you couldn't stand the latest album. Everyone experiences a sophomore slump or experimental phase. But this is just that: a phase. You now anxiously await the release of this artist'next album (which probably won't drop for the next year or two, sigh). You just can't wait to see if this new sound sticks around or if it fades away. But you're seriously hoping for the latter.


8. Sadness: So the New Sound Is Here to Stay

This stage comes long after the aforementioned emotional roller coaster, once more and more albums drop to reveal that the sound change is permanent. You'll always have the old music to warm your heart and soul, but unfortunately all future concerts and tours are destined to feature this new and totally unlikable beat. It's time to mourn the artist formerly known as your favorite.

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