“Cute” usually isn’t a word we use to describe our food, but after seeing Starbucks’ Cat Cake Pop, it’s the first adjective that springs to mind.

The sweet treat is exactly what it sounds like: a Cake Pop that looks like a little cat. The round ball of delicious cake has cat ears, plus a little cat face. It’s simple and adorable. Behold:

Starbucks Cat Cake Pop

(via Starbucks)

Did you not aww over that? For whatever reason, it speaks to us. We have to have it. Mostly we want to eat it, but we’d also photograph the heck out of it. We’re inspired after seeing how it’s been the perfect companion for others.

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And if you can handle it, there’s this: a cat eating a Cat Cake Pop!

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We can’t imagine that Cake Pops are especially good for your pets, so if you get one, maybe just eat it yourself and admire the photo above instead.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to Starbucks.

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