A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Mute People on All the Major Social Media Platforms

Just because you're friends or family with someone, doesn't mean that you're obligated to keep up with everything they post on social media.

Unfortunately, that's not something that everyone wants to hear. In fact, some people are more than ready to start drama over an unfollow, or the fact you haven't started following them in the first place. What's a person to do? Well, you can try simply muting their posts, so you're still social media "friends," but you don'have to keep up with their every thought and experience.

If that sounds like a dream come true, keep scrolling to find out how to mute people on all the major social media platforms. We've even broken it down by desktop and mobile, so you're covered no matter how you social.

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Go to the person's profile page, and click on "Friends" on the right side of the page, to the left of "Message" and "" From there, you'll get a pop-out menu with a few options. Just click "Unfollow," and you'll no longer see that friend in your feed.

Facebook: Desktop unfollow

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The mobile process for unfollowing on Facebook is much the same. Navigate to the profile of the person you'd like to unfollow, then click on "Following" if you're on iPhone or iPad, or the "Friend" icon if you're on Android, to pop out another menu. From there, select "Unfollow" to complete the process.




Find a post from the person you want to unfollow, and click on the ellipses (…) in the upper righthand corner. From there, the second option down should be "Unfollow." Click it, and then click the "Unfollow" prompt again on the next page to seal the deal.

Instagram desktop unfollow

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Again, find a post from the person you wish to unfollow, but this time, after you click on the upper right hand ellipses, select "Mute." From here, you'll have the option to "Mute Posts" or "Mute Posts and Story." Select your preference to rid yourself of their posts.



Don't want to get notified every time someone messages you on your iPhone, but don't want to block their number completely? There's a solution for that. Go to the person's contact in your phone, and scroll down to "Hide Alerts." Click the little tab to the right until it's green, and you'll get their messages in your inbox without being alerted every time.

Messenger: Hide alerts



Want to stop getting notifications about a particular Snap convo? Start by going to your Snapchat conversations and finding the conversation you'd like to mute. Click and hold it, and a menu will pop out. From there, simply select "More" on the menu and then "Message Notifications" before picking "Silent."




Don't want to stop following someone entirely, but want to see less of them on your For You page? Your solution is the Not Interested feature, which is only available on the app at the moment. Simply long-press any video from the person you'd like to see less from, and then tap "Not Interested." Not only will you see fewer of their posts, but posts like it will also disappear from your FYP.



Desktop and Mobile

To unfollow someone on either the desktop or mobile version of Twitter, just head over to any of their tweets. From their, click on the ellipses at the top right of the tweet to open a menu, and scroll down to "Mute (account name)." They should be gone from your feed in an instant!

Twitter: Desktop muting

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