Simple Steps That'll Make Your Homework Go Faster

When you have a lot of homework from a lot of teachers, getting your it every night can seem like a monumental task.

Not only does the process take brainpower, but it also uses up lots of your precious time—and it can take way more time if you're getting distracted at every turn. Lucky for you, we've outlined a few tricks you can try to make the process go smoother so it doesn't take as long.

Start Homework Right When You Get Home

After a long day at school, you probably feel like giving yourself a well-deserved break, but that isn't always the most efficient way to get things done. If you're still in an academic mindset when you get home, don't let that momentum go to waste by plopping yourself in front of the TV or spending an hour on your phone. If you keep things going before your mind shifts gears, you can accomplish a lot more because you don't have to get back into a schoolwork mentality. Plus, the more you procrastinate once you get hope, the more likely you are to keep putting things off again and again.


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Put Your Phone Away

Your phone may occasionally be an awesome tool for learning, but most of the time, it's the biggest distraction that you could possibly put on your desk. Having your phone anywhere close to you immediately puts you in multitasking mode, so only half of your mind is really dedicated to the task at hand, and the homework gets done more slowly and suffers in terms of quality. To get your work done quickly (and get back to your phone faster) put it on silent and then stash it away somewhere. If there are certain things you need to look up online to get your homework done, write them down and get to them all at once instead of repeatedly breaking your focus and presenting a new opportunity to get sidetracked.


Take Breaks

As much as you don't want to stop your creative juices dead in their tracks, it's also important to schedule breaks so you don't overwork yourself and burn out. Whenever possible, use that time to get up and do something instead of sitting at your disk and scrolling through your phone. Go prep yourself a snack, or hang out with your cat for a little bit to give your brain a break. And if you absolutely must spend that time on your phone, set a timer so that you don't get caught in an Instagram rabbit hole and lose track of your homework altogether.


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Have a Consistent Study Spot

Doing your homework in the same spot every day can help you create a mental routine that allows your brain to focus better and stay on track when you're there. If at all possible, it should be a quiet place that's well-lit and free of distractions. It also helps if you find the temperature comfortable.  Also remember that the cleaner your desk space, the more productive you'll be, allowing you to finish your homework more quickly and get to the stuff you really want to be doing. Before you sit down to start working, look at your workload and figure out what you'll need so you can gather all of the required tools and textbooks and  have them in one place before you even begin. Have water available in case you get thirsty, and a snack ready if that's what you need to get through your homework session.


Plan, Plan, Plan

Start by always being aware of what you have on your plate. Work intentionally, knowing what you want to get done with your time, and when. While it can sometimes be disheartening not to hit the deadlines you've set for yourself at first, over time, you'll get better at understanding how long different tasks will take, and getting ahead feels amazing. If you have a lot of work to do, break it up into smaller, more manageable chunks. Save yourself the headache and do a tiny bit of that essay that's due in two weeks, instead of saving it until the last minute and pulling an all-nighter to get it done. If science just isn't clicking with you right this moment, maybe try moving on to your English homework instead and seeing if that gets you inspired. You might just find that you're in a different mindset later, allowing you to comprehend what was alluding you earlier


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Play Music While You Work

While not everyone can listen to music while they do homework, a lot of people can benefit from a bit of carefully curated background noise—especially if they find complete silence unnerving. Classical music and other instrumentals can be great for buckling down and tuning your focus, and video game music can be particularly invigorating if you really want to get your brain running and spark some creativity. We recommended avoiding anything with lyrics, as they can be a big distraction and make it tough to focus on the specifics of your homework. If you find even music without vocals to be too engaging, you may also like playing rain music, binaural frequencies or rainforest sounds instead.


Celebrate Finishing

Homework can be a huge drag, especially when you have so much of it to do, day in and day out. To make the process a little less miserable, do a little something to congratulate yourself when you finish homework. Whether that's indulging in a treat or taking part in a little bit of self-care, a reward will make your soul happy. Plus, it gives you something to look forward to every time you sit down to finish your homework.


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