These Strange Kitchen Gadgets Are Ridiculous, But Totally Necessary

There is no shortage of odd things you can buy on the internet.

But we may have stumbled across some of the strangest items of all time in the form of these ridiculous, yet totally necessary kitchen gadgets.

Trust us when we say you'll want to purchase all of them.

Carrot Sharpener: $4.99

Peel your carrots in style by using this sweet gadget. When you're done shaving down some carrots, you can use it to sharpen your pencils. Talk about a multi-purpose tool, amirite?

Carrot sharpener kitchen tool

(via Amazon)


Pig Egg Yolk Separator: $10.01

Separating the egg whites from the yolk just got a whole lot easier and cuter thanks to this little piggy.

Pig egg yolk separator

(via Amazon)


Sushi Roller Machine: $14.49

This nifty contraption will allow you to make sushi with the greatest of ease. Now your sushi will end up looking like it's supposed to and not like some horrifying ball of mush.

Sushi roller machine

(via Amazon)


Bicycle Pizza Cutter: $9.99

Boring old pizza slicers just don't cut it anymore. Go the extra mile by dividing your pie with this fancy guy. Can we also appreciate the amount of puns in this description?

Bicycle pizza cutter

(via Amazon)


Magic Box Bagel Slicer: $14.95

The only thing that could make this bagel slicer that much more perfect is if we could find a way to levitate the knife to cut bagels without us lifting a finger.

Magic box bagel slicer

(via Inked Shop)


Condiment Gun: $10.99

Why cover your hot dog or hamburger in ketchup and mustard straight from the bottles when you can use this bad boy?

condiment gun

(via Amazon)


Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups: $12.99

Honestly we can't think of a more purrrfect way to measure out your ingredients any time you're baking.

Ceramic cat measuring cups

(via World Market)


Loch Ness Monster Soup Ladle: $2.37

You can ladle your soup the old-fashioned way, or you could plop it into your bowl with this elusive mythical creature. Your move.

Blue loch ness monster soup ladle

(via Amazon)


Melon Slicer and Server: $20

Because slicing a watermelon is a serious hassle, but this tool eliminates all the fuss.

Melon slicer and server

(via Uncommon Goods)


Corn Kerneler: $7.29

Eating corn on the cob is always messy, but that won't be the case if you kernel it using this apparatus. All you have to do is slide it on down the cob and you'll have cob-less corn in no time.

corn kerneler

(via Amazon)


Citrus Spritzer: $1.85

You can turn any citrus fruit into a spritzer with this handy gizmo.

citrus spritzer

(via Amazon)


Keyboard Waffle Iron: $70

Not only does this waffle iron basically allow you to create one massive waffle, it looks really cool, too.

Keyboard Waffle Iron

(via Uncommon Goods)


Spiral Hot Dog Slicer: $3.99

Turn your everyday hot dogs into a spiraled masterpiece using this crazy looking device. Heck, why not spiral all your food?

spiral hot dog slicer

(via Amazon)


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