Stranger Things Memes to Help You Make It to Season 3

We're not at all ashamed of admitting that we're totally obsessed with Stranger Things

Dustin, Lucas, Mike and Will Stranger Things

(Stranger Things via Netflix)

In fact, our only problem with the Netflix series is how long we have to wait until the premiere of season 3.

Even though we might not get new episodes until 2019, we still have to get our Stranger Things fix somehow, so keep scrolling for 14 memes that will help you make it to season 3.

We all know it's the truth:


Oh, the accuracy:


This is all you need to do to catch our attention:


Hmm, don't remember this scene:


Millie Bobby Brown is everything:


Mike, we trusted you:


Still not over this moment honestly:


#TeamSteve forever:


Why would we go outside when we could keep re-watching Stranger Things? 


Everyone who didn't dance with Dustin is dead to us:


Just like Eleven, we're also haunted by our past:


Now we know why Dustin didn't get the girl:


Well, this definitely alters the storyline:


The best feeling, honestly:

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