The prospect of finally opening up to your crush can be extremely daunting—especially if you’re planning to do it on Valentine’s Day.

Instead of a big announcement, why not go for something simple? Send them one of these Stranger Things-themed Valentines and let it to the speaking for you.

A Scale of 1 to 10

Why tell them they’re perfect when you can tell them they’re better than perfect?

Stranger Things Eleven Valentine


The Vast Minority

This is the perfect card for people who dislike almost everyone.

Stranger Things Jonathan Byers Valentine


Pretty Cute

For when your Valentine is way cuter than baby Dart.

Stranger Things dart cute valentine


Light Up My World

Nothing beats One Direction and Stranger Things.

Stranger Things Joyce Byers Lights Valentine


I Need My Paddles

Your Valentine can’t leave Dustin hanging!

Stranger Things Dustin paddles Valentine


Are You an Eggo?

For the person you love more than Eleven loves Eggos.

Stranger Things Eleven Eggos Valentine


Valentines Don’t Lie

You need an honest reaction now.

Stranger Things Eleven Friends Don't Lie Valentine


Upside Down

If Will can survive the Upside Down, you can tell your crush how you feel.

Stranger Things Will Byers Upside Down Valentine


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