These Stress-Relieving Products Will Help You Unwind After a Long Day

Stress happens to the best of us, but it doesn't need to derail your life.

If you're feeling overwhelmingly stressed out, we've got just what you need right here. Scroll through this list of calming items to put the pep back in your step ASAP.

De-Stress Therapy Balm: $24

Made with the uplifting scents of chamomile, neroli and mandarin, this balm will immediately ease your mind the second you massage it into your neck. Make sure to breathe deeply after you apply to soak up its powerful aroma.

De-stress therapy balm from scentered

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Stress Management Bath Salt: $8.50

A soak in the tub is sure to rid you of all the unwanted stress in your life, especially with the help of this bath salt. The clary sage and tangerine essential oils infused in the Dead Sea and Epsom salt will have you feeling so much better in no time.

Stress management bath salt from Etsy

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Stress Release Soothing Face and Body Mist: $19.95

If you want to quickly snap back to your center, spritz some of this mist onto your face and body. Its blend of lavender, chamomile and orange essential oils will definitely help you find your chill.

Stress Release soothing face and body mist from Saje

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Twilight Bath Bomb: $6.95

Watch your worries melt away as you let this dreamy bath bomb made with relaxing lavender oil and comforting tonka absolute dissolve in your tub.

Twilight bath bomb from Lush

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"I'm Soy Burnt Out" Candle: $10

With notes of invigorating chili pepper and orange zest, this candle will instill you with all the energy you need to get you through the day.

I'm soy burnt out candle from Etsy

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Chill Pill Soap: $4.50

Ever wanted to take a chill pill? Now you can… sort of. Lather up your body with this sandalwood-scented soap to put the chill back in your life.

Chill pill soaps from Etsy

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Relax-o-Ring: $4.95

One of the easiest ways to relax is with a little help from reflexology. Massage this copper coil ring up and down each of your fingers for a harmonious result.

Relax-o-ring from Saje

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African Jasmine Incense: $2.50

The second you light one of these bad boys up, you'll feel the relieving powers of jasmine at work. Relax, just do it.

African Jasmine Incense from House of Intuition

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Mini Zen Garden: $34.99

Probably the easiest product to use, just comb through the sand when you start to feel the stress take over and you'll feel renewed just like that.

Mini zen garden from Etsy

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Crochet Cat Stress Relief Ball: $17

Nothing like giving a stress ball a good squeeze to help you unwind, right?

Crochet cat stress relief ball from Etsy

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Coconut Cleansing Bubble Bath: $10

Adding this coconut-scented bubble bath to your water will increase your positive energy like no other.

Coconut Cleansing Bath from House of Intuition

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Neuro BLISS: $22.57

A favorite among celebs including Kim Kardashian and Kate Hudson, Neuro BLISS is formulated with specialized ingredients that lower your stress levels and promote happiness. A few sips and your worries will melt away.

Neuro BLISS Drink

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If none of these items end up working, try adding one of THESE kawaii squishies to your phone case.