If You're an Only Child, You'll Relate to These 10 Struggles

Being an only child sure has its perks.

Your clothing is probably better than your classmates who are stuck in their siblings' hand-me-downs, you get all of your parents' attention to yourself and you don't have to share your toys with a brother or sister.

But what many people don't know is being an only child can equal being a lonely child, among other things. Scroll below for 10 struggles you'll relate to if you're without a bro or sis.

1. You have no siblings to harass or pick up tips from. Need hair advice? Think again! Need a cool new song to blare while working out? Better depend on a pal!

2. You can't blame anyone else for your messups. Broken vase? All eyes are on you.

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3. Your parents' entire house is a museum of you, meaning really annoying moments where friends get to see your entire history from birth in the living room—or worse, they start chronologically Snapchatting it.

4. Because your parents can focus on getting you the best gifts, they also expect you to get better grades and better behavior.

5. Your parents don't have any other kids to worry about, so you are their prime target of non-stop phone calls and text messages to see if you are alive.

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6. The 'rents want to know everything about every single one of your friends. They might even become BFF with them to get some intel on you.

7. Because you are mom and dad's pride and joy, you receive constant reminders to wear the appropriate thing, to workout a decent amount and to eat right.

8. You're on your own when it comes to your wardrobe. Your sister's cute summer tank? Non-existent. Your brother's comfy oversized hoodie? No can do!

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9. One word: chores. They're all on you, as there's no division of labor in your household.

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10. Whoever you date is going to be under a microscope. With no other siblings, you are expected to have higher standards for an S.O.


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