Get Ready to Ace Your Next Test With These Helpful Study Tips

Studying. The word alone leaves a funky taste in our mouths.

Does anyone enjoy doing it? No. But do you have to do it? Absolutely.

To make your lives a teeny bit easier, we're revealing some tips that will make the task of hardcore hitting the books seem not too daunting.

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1. Make a Schedule

Cramming the night before an exam isn't always the way to go. Instead, set aside a little bit of time to study each day leading up to the exam. This will help the info stay in your long-term memory, making it easier to recall at the drop of a hat.


2. Find the Perfect Study Space

Your bedroom is probably your go-to place when it comes to doing any of your school work, but don't be afraid to change up where you study. Find a place where distractions are limited, so you can truly focus on the task at hand.


3. Take Notes

When in doubt, write it down. You'll be able to retain this information better if you scribble it down in your notebook rather than type it out on a Word doc. Get your pens ready!

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4. Recite Information Out Loud

Another way to make sure you remember every bit of information your brain is taking in is to read aloud what you're studying. Using your senses of both sight and sound will aid you in mastering the subject.


5. Understand the Material

Just glancing over your notes once or twice doesn't count as studying. And simply memorizing the words on the page aren't going to get you very far. Make sure you understand what the information is trying to tell you. Start with the more general concepts first and then work your way to more specific components.


6. Quiz Yourself

Once you think you really know the subject, take some time to quiz yourself on all you've just absorbed. Flashcards are easily one of the best study tools to use to test yourself. If you fail, however, don't let it get you down. Just keep studying a little more and then quiz yourself again. You'll remember that tidbit when it matters most.

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7. Avoid Social Media

You're probably going to be spending some time on the Internet when you study. It happens. But don't get sucked into checking Twitter or Facebook when you're surfing the web. It will only lead you down the rabbit hole of distractions and no studying will happen.


8. Take a Break

Too much studying can bog you down. Go for a walk. Listen to music. Watch Netflix. Do whatever you have to do to give your brain a little break from all the material it has been taking in. And don't be afraid to take multiple little breaks rather than one large one all at once.


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