5 Subtle Signs Someone Can't Be Trusted

Deciding who to trust can be tricky.

Some people exhibit overt red flags (like lying habitually or being incredibly secretive), but there are also more subtle indications that a particular person might not be worthy of your trust.

Scroll down for a list of five subtle signs someone can't be trusted.

They Talk About Other People Behind Their Back

It's not uncommon for people to talk about others behind their back, but if you're getting to know someone new and have noticed that they tend to talk about others without their knowledge quite frequently, this is probably a sign that you shouldn't be quick to trust them. Chances are, if this person feels comfortable talking about others behind their backs, they're doing the same about you.

Friends Telling Secrets

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They're Insecure

We all have our insecurities, regardless of age, but someone who's overwhelmingly insecure about who they are, how they relate to others and who they hang out with is likely not a person you should trust. People who aren't confident in who they are and what they believe in are often people who won't have your back when they need to. Instead, look for someone with principals and conviction, who will be less preoccupied with their own best interests.


They Always Agree With You

Though having a pal who always agrees with you might sound like a dream, an overly agreeable acquaintance isn't necessarily a good thing, especially if you're trying to decide who is worthy of your trust. If someone is constantly on your side and unwilling to call you out when you do something wrong (it happens to all of us), this can indicate that they don't have their own point of view on matters and are just agreeing with you because they think it's what you want to hear. Instead, look for someone who is supportive, but unafraid to call you out on certain things if and when they must.

Friends Agreeing With Each Other
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They Tell Insignificant Lies

If a pal lies about a grade they got on a test or how they spent their holiday break, it might not seem like much, but even telling harmless lies such as those, can be a subtle sign that someone isn't to be trusted. After all, if they're able to lie about inconsequential matters with ease, this indicates they likely don't have a problem with fibbing in a more general sense, and are therefore untrustworthy.


They're Inconsistent

If someone tells you one thing, but does something that contradicts what they previously said, this is a warning that they're likely not to be trusted. By continuing a friendship with this inconsistent person, you're only setting yourself up for failure because this individual will never actually mean what they say.

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