2022’s Lunar New Year falls on Feb. 1 this year, ringing in the Year of the Tiger, and as always, Sugarfina is celebrating in a big way.

The brand reliably releases incredible candy collections for every big holiday, and each year, their candy bento boxes for the Lunar New Year are something to behold. This year, they’ve really outdone themselves with the stunning packaging and delectable flavors within—and the brand was kind enough to send us both sizes of their boxes to try and review. Here’s what to expect from each one.

Sugarfina Lunar New Year 8 Year Candy Bento Box

(via Sugarfina)

Lunar New Year 2 Piece Candy Bento Box: $23

Sugarfina’s Lunar New Year 2 Piece Candy Bento box gives just a small taste of what the brand has to offer, but the experience is no less impressive with its 3D shadowbox diorama featuring hanging lanterns over a shrine in the mountains. This box is seriously so gorgeous, and probably worth the price of the whole box in itself!


Sugarfina Lunar New Year 2 Piece Candy Bento Box

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Lotus Flowers

Of course, what we’re really here for is the candy, and Sugarfina never disappoints. Their Lotus Flowers are lychee-flavored gummies, with a delicate fruity taste and just the right amount of bite. Since lotuses represent the purity of the heart and mind in Chinese culture, they’re also just the thing to start off the Lunar New Year.

Sugarfina Lotus Flowers

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Tangerine Bears

With this Lunar New Year bringing in the Year of the Tiger, it’s only appropriate that there’d be a bold pop of orange in this bento box, and you’ll find it in these tasty Tangerine Bears. The gummy bears start off super sweet and then get more flavorful as you chew, with that signature splash of bright citrus bursting through. We dare you to try to eat just one!

Sugarfina Tangerine Bears

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Lunar New Year 8 Piece Bento Box: $80

If you want to experience everything that Sugarfina has in mind for the Lunar New Year, you have to go for the full eight-piece bento box. It has an even bigger, more impressive shadowbox container, with a striking blue background contrasting the red and gold details, and it’s one you’ll want to hang on to for years to come—once you enjoy all of the candy within, of course. In addition to both the Lotus Flowers and Tangerine Bears in the previous box, it contains six more tasty treats.

Sugarfina Lunar New Year Candy Bento Box cover

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Green Tea Bears

Sugarfina’s Green Tea Bears are unlike anything you’ve tried before, with a creamy, earthy matcha green tea flavor backed by refreshingly fruity notes. While we’ve found that they’re slightly divisive, those who love them will have a hard time not gobbling up the entire cube of treats in a single sitting.

Sugarfina Green Tea Bears

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Royal Roses

When it comes to Sugarfina gummies, Royal Roses have to be one of our all-time favorites. First, we love the soft, chewy texture, but even more, we can’t get enough of the way they’re bursting with fruity flavor, with notes of cherry, raspberry, strawberry and blackcurrant. And they’re almost too pretty to eat—but not quite.

Sugarfina Red Roses

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Peach Blossoms

Peach flavors and Sugarfina are always a match made in heaven, and these Peach Blossoms are no exception. They’re delightfully soft, giving way to a complex, juicy peach flavor that’s deliciously complemented by sour sugar crystals. If you have a sour tooth, this is likely the flavor you’ll demolish first.

Sugarfina Peach Blossoms

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Gold Pearls

That’s nothing quite like a classic, candy-coated chocolate, and Sugarfina’s take on them is always a pleasure to enjoy. The milk chocolate inside is so sweet and tasty, and the crunchy texture of the candy shell makes it even better. Plus, we love the way these look like gold beads—perfect for ushering in wealth for the Lunar New Year.

Sugarfina Gold Pearls

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Rose Berry Tea Bears

These Rose Berry Tea Bears taste as good as they look. We adore the way they look like perfect pink piggies, as well as the unique rose-infused flavor, which also combines berries and tea to create an entirely original experience.

Sugarfina Rose Tea Bears

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Berry Sparkle Pops

Last, but far from least, are the Berry Sparkle Pops, which offer a combination of flavors, unlike anything we’ve tried in the past. These pops are pretzel balls coated in cranberry-flavored chocolate and popping candy, making them a dream of textures from start to finish. The saltiness of the pretzel is a delicious complement to the slightly tart, fruity chocolate, and the fact that it also pops in your mouth makes it so fun to eat.

Sugarfina Sparkle Berry Pop

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