How to Stay Positive About Having a Summer Birthday

As someone with a summer birthday, it can be tough to stay positive.

Between everyone either being on vacation or at a music festival and feeling pressure to throw the most memorable pool party of the year, having a bday this season can be a lot.

But fear not, because there are some definite positives to celebrating your date of birth between the months of June and September. Keep reading to find out what they are!

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1. You Can Get Away With Inviting More People

Because we all know a slew of folks won't be able to attend your summer birthday party, you have a much less limited invite list. No need to feel bad about leaving people out. With so many people on vacation, there's a little extra room for the girl you've been newly getting to know from last year's math class.

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2. You Have Way More Freedom With What You Wear to Your Party

You're forced to be all covered up during school, and then bundled up during cold months—school or not—so having the opportunity to wear crop tops, shorts and bikinis at your summer birthday party is a great way to let loose. And your crush will totally take notice of your confidence!

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3. Your Party Will Be a Chance to Meet More New People Than Usual

Summertime is when people have out-of-town guests visiting, which means the attendees of your party are likely not to be rollin' solo. Whether it's people in town from afar or just people from a neighboring high school who are joining your friends for some fun, summer is an excuse to party, and anyone who's around will want to join in your birthday fun!


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4. You Have an Opportunity to Be the Talk of the New School Year (in a Good Way!)

Instead of stressing about how many people are coming (or not coming) to your fete, focus on making it the party of the year. What better for people to say about you on the first day back to school than you really know how to bring people together? Make sure there's adequate food, a poppin' playlist and fun activities. Come on, you've got this!

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