The Perfect Summer Camp Care Package to Cure Homesickness

I think we can all agree that the best day at summer camp is the day we receive a care package from our parents.

Sure, we love camp. But, sometimes, we get a little homesick and long for the comfort of home! This year, we're saying buh-bye to those longings. How? Request these eight perfect care package goodies, and you won't miss home one bit.

Summer campgrounds entrance

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1. Postcard Pillow: $34

Instead of just receiving a good ol' postcard in the mail, hint to your parents that this super cute and personable postcard pillow would be even more meaningful. You'll wake up each morning with a sweet reminder that your parents are thinking of you even when you're away! Aww.

Postcard pillow

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2. Stationary Kit: $39

One of the best ways to cure homesickness is to write home! Forget texting your friends and fam–ask your mom or dad to send a set of fun stationary so that you can write your besties a traditional letter and fill them in on your camp life. You won't feel any bit of FOMO if you and your friends keep in touch while you're away.

Stationary kit for summer camp

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3. Camp Bunk Game: $42.99

The best way to make camp feel more homey is to become friends with your bunkmates! What better way to do that than with a fun icebreaker game, like this box of 20 questions. You and your new roomies will be bonding in no time with this. ????

Camp Bunk mini 20 questions game

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4. Crayola Color Escapes Coloring Book Set: $19.99

If you're the creative type, this Crayola Color Escapes coloring book is exactly what you should ask for in your care package. It comes with large coloring pages and Crayola regular and watercolor colored pencils. It's the perfect way to cure boredom and put you in a fab mood if you're feeling blue.

Crayola Coloring Book set

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5. Sweet Treats Carton: $20.50

What's a care package without a little candy, right? This gift set is perf for the gummy snack lovers out there. Gummy frogs, fish, bears and worms—the gang's all there! It's safe to say you'll be the hit of your bunk with these treats.

Summer camp candy care package

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6. Personalized Diary: $10

One of the best parts of summer camp is getting to reflect back on your time there when you arrive back home. Ask if your parents will send over a small diary that you can keep by your bed to jog down your daily thoughts. This cute personalized diary is just small enough so that you can tuck it under your pillow.

Personalized Etsy diary

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7. SVP Waterproof Camera: $47.99

Imagine how much fun you can have with your new camp crew, using this waterproof camera. You can take this with you in the lake and the pool and snap away! There's no way fun won't ensue with this cool piece of tech in hand.

Pink SVP Waterproof Camera

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8. Mini Walkie Taklie Set: $18

Homesickness really only kicks in when you're feeling lonely. If for some reason you and your camp BFF are in different cabins, this mini walkie talkie set will be essential. You can chat with each other during your downtime in your cabin, and always know each other's whereabouts. Uh-mazing!

Mini walkie talkie set from Urban Outfitters

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