When you think family road trips, you might imagine confined spaces, loud siblings and too many pit stops. Well, that’s about to change.

Car packed for a family road trip

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We’re here to transform the way you perceive these sometimes-dreaded journeys. Road trips can be fun. Seriously! You just need to head out equipped with the right gear and a positive attitude.

Check out these nine tips and you’ll be ready—and eager—to hit the road with your fam.

1. Load Up on a Variety of Activities

Seems pretty obvious, but this is a must. If you’re going to be in the car for a significant amount of time, make sure to bring enough activities to occupy your time. Books, electronics, card games–bring it all! Try and pack items that don’t take up too much space and can possibly be shared with your siblings. If you don’t come prepared with activities, you will get bored.


2. Bring Portable Chargers

This is a biggie! If you do bring electronics, make sure they’re fully charged. Nothing is worse than getting in the car and realizing your phone is almost out of juice. Pack portable chargers or car chargers for all your electronics if you have them. They will save your life!

iPhone charging in a car

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3. Have Everything You Need to Tune Out

When you’re in a small space with lots of people, it’s pretty much headache central. If you need to tune out, invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones. They’re perfect for your road trip snooze fest. Make sure you’re also prepared with a great playlist. If you have the right music, time will fly!


4.  Assemble a Snack Station

Snacking is half the fun of road trips. Before you get on the road, prep baggies with your fave road snacks. You’ll save loads of money if you purchase them ahead of time instead of buying them at pit stops along the way. If your parents are feeling really generous, maybe you can convince them to buy a car cooler. You can fill that bad boy up with tons of food and drinks so you’ll never go hungry or thirsty. ????


5. Be Weary of How Much Liquid You Drink

It’s important to hydrate on long road trips, obvi, but you don’t want to intake too much liquid or you’ll be hopping out at every single truck stop on your journey. Be mindful of how much water you’re chugging down, and when you’re about to embark on a long stretch of road that doesn’t have many off-ramps. Having to hold it for miles on end is not fun.

Girl drinking water and sitting in the trunk of a car

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6. Be Comfy

Because you’ll be in the car for hours, you might as well be as comfy as possible. Rock those sweatpants, bring a pillow and blanket and make sure to bring extra layers of clothing! Everyone has different temp preferences, and you want to come prepared for when your sib asks to crank up the air conditioning when you’re already freezing. ❄️


7. Talk It Out

So maybe you have electronics, books and activities to occupy your time for days, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t interact with your fam! Make sure you really soak in this quality bonding time. Talk about your trip, what you’re most excited about and what you hope to get out of the experience. This fam time is precious.


8. Take Pictures ????

If you’re going on an epic cross-country road trip, you’ll travel through all sorts of scenery. Have a camera on hand in the car so you can snap and document your journey. When the trip is over, you’ll love reflecting back on your entire experience.

Girl taking a photo of the sunset

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9. Play an Old-Fashioned Game

Nothing screams family road trip quite like a car game. No matter how old we get, car games never get boring! Try spotting license plates from all 50 states, or play a classic game of “I Spy.”


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