Here's What You Will Do This Summer Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Summer is in full swing, so we bet you're curious to know what you can expect from these next few months.

Thanks to some helpful information from your zodiac sign, we know just what you'll be spending most of your vacation doing.

Scroll below to find out what it is!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

You're one of the most artistic signs of the zodiac, Cancer. Because you're deeply sensitive, you use your art to express your feelings. You even have a separate Instagram account dedicated to your art, and this summer some important people will notice. We predict you'll be requested to paint a mural at your local beach's pier. You may be nervous about this challenge, but don't sweat it. If anyone can come up with something amazing, it's you.

Girl painting a sky mural on the wall

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Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22)

You're big on being the center of attention, which is why you love theater so much. While you believe there is no such thing as a small part, you continually land the lead in all of your school's productions. Because you have so much free time over the summer, you'll be auditioning for not just school plays, but major motion pictures, too. And guess what! All your auditioning will pay off this summer, because you'll land a lead role in a blockbuster movie. All your friends and family will get the chance to see you on the big screen next summer.

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Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)

You're very practical, Virgo. You hate the idea of leaving anything to chance, so you always plan everything out. You're also very caring and more than willing to help those in need. This summer you'll do just that by adopting a puppy. Now, this won't be a spur of the moment decision. You've been doing your research for months now, and you've realized you're more than ready to take care of a pet. So who's the lucky pup you'll take home?

Pupping reaching paw out of cage

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Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22)

Being a Libra, you cannot stand to be alone. Whether it be your friends, family or pets, you constantly need someone by your side. Lucky for you, we expect you'll experience a whirlwind summer romance during your vacation. You'll meet at the beach one day when you're tanning with your besties, so make sure to keep an eye out for a handsome stranger.

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Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

You're nothing short of passionate, Scorpio. You're constantly searching for the truth and will dig incredibly deep to find it. This summer, you'll learn a few important truths about yourself. Because you're all about rebuilding, you'll use these next few months to reflect inwards and get to know yourself on a whole other level. Are you ready?

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

You're the most adventurous sign of them all, Sagittarius. You're constantly traveling because you want to get the most out of life. While you have been around the world and back, there are still plenty of places you want to visit that you haven't gotten around to yet. This summer you will cross not one, but two of those places off your traveling bucket list. Ready, set, go!

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Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

You're the most hardworking individual around, Capricorn. Seriously, no one is more disciplined than you. We're betting you don't take these summer months off either. Though you may be out of school, we're guessing you've chosen to spend your free time making money at your summer job. While you've probably worked the same job for a few years now, you're about to get a promotion this year. Your hard work and dedication is finally getting noticed. We know you can handle this responsibility.

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Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

You're the humanitarian of the zodiac, Aquarius. You fight for what you believe in and are always ready to change the world. Who would've guessed that you'd do just that this summer by volunteering throughout these next couple months. You're going to make a huge difference this summer one way or another.

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Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20)

Compassionate and sweet, you're always there for your friends and family. But sometimes you care too much for other people that you forget to tend to your wants and needs. You'll do that this summer. How? By starting a kick-butt rock band, of course! You've always been connected to music from a very young age and have wanted to start a band for the longest time, so now's your chance.

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Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Strong and competitive, you are a very powerful individual. You take pride in being the best at everything, especially because you're the first sign in the zodiac. You wholeheartedly believe if you're not first, you're last. While you're truly courageous, there are things that scare you. Instead of hiding from them, you will conquer your biggest fear this summer. Whether it's heights, snakes, clowns or something else, you'll end the summer no longer fearing anything.

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Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

You definitely fancy the finer things in life, Taurus. You're by no means shallow, but you do believe appearance is everything. This summer you'll treat yourself to a head-to-toe makeover, which you more than deserve. You'll rock a new haircut, along with a new color. Not to mention, you'll totally revamp your wardrobe. The splurging starts now!

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Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

You're known as the student of the zodiac because of your constant need for knowledge. You want to know everything about everything, Gemini. While everyone is enjoying their months away from school, you'll still be studying away thanks to some summer courses you decided to take. These classes will help you get ahead for the upcoming school year, so while your friends don't understand why you chose to take them, you know it will only benefit you in the future.

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