Summer: Expectations vs. Reality

Oh, summer. The season filled with the most hope and promise.

We all envision how we'd ideally like our summer to pan out, but unfortunately you can't always get what you want.

If you've ever been disappointed in certain outcomes of your summer, we bet you'll relate to the eight expectations vs. realities below:

Making Plans With Your Besties

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Expectation: You figure you'll spend every waking moment with your besties. After all, now's the time for you to take on the world together and make so many amazing memories. You honestly can't imagine a summer without them by your side at all hours of the day.

Reality: Get used to not being with your besties 24/7, because that rarely ever happens. Sure, you may hang out with each other nonstop for the first week, but the odds of that continuing for the rest of summer are slim to none. You'll end up spending most of your days staying in and watching Netflix by yourself. Not quite the squad-tastic summer you anticipated.


Getting a Summer Job

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Expectation: You're so excited to start working, because you can't wait to have some extra cash to toss around in your free time. You think it'll be super easy to find a job and it can't be that difficult. Plus, you'll make new friends. What a win!

Reality: To your surprise, finding someone to hire you is a job in itself. You'll spend countless hours filling out applications and interviewing for a part-time gig you'll be sick of within two days. You do end up making decent money, but you don't really have that much free time to achieve your dream summer. Sorry about it.


Working on Your Tan

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Expectation: Everyone dreams of achieving perfectly bronzed skin over the summer months. You figure you'll lay out by the pool or at the beach for just a little bit to get your goddess-worthy glow.

Reality: This routine works out for a bit, until the fateful day you forget to apply sunscreen and become crispier than a chicken nugget. No more sunshine for you the rest of summer, or at least until your lobster-red sunburn finally heals.


Experiencing a Whirlwind Summer Romance

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Expectation: Ah, summer flings. There is always so much hope and promise for them. You're positive now is the time your crush will reveal his true feelings as the two of you frolic off into the sunset.

Reality: You tell your crush how you feel and he either ignores you or rejects you. He may say he likes you back, but nothing will ever develop. Basically, you'll be sitting by your phone all the time waiting for him to text you.


Vacationing With Your Family

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Expectation: You picture your family vacation as the perfect time for a little bonding session. You figure you'll grow closer than ever to your mom, dad and siblings.

Reality: Well who would've thought that the hopeful bonding sesh would turn into you fighting with your siblings and resenting your parents even more? Family vacays aren't all they're cracked up to be.


Revamping Your Style

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Expectation: You shopped for tons of cute summer dresses, skirts and sandals, so you're prepared to wear them all break long. You're ready to experiment with your style and change things up. No more routine here.

Reality: But, sadly, you fall back into your routine and end up sporting the same clothes you did during the school year. Those new clothes you wanted to wear? Yeah, they're still hanging in your closet because you'd much rather go for a simple sweatshirt and shorts than a floral dress and some gladiator sandals. There's always next summer?


Staying out All Day and Night

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Expectation: Summer means no school and plenty of sweet, sweet freedom to do whatever you so please. Because you don't have class or virtually any responsibilities, you're ready to chase the sun. You'll be out all day with your besties at the beach and then stay out all night just to watch the sun come up.

Reality: You spend most of your days and nights sleeping. You didn't get to do much of that during the school year, so you figure you should make up for lost time.


Posting on Instagram

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Expectation: Because you'll be out and about most of the days, you'll snap tons of cute pics to post on Insta throughout the entirety of your summer vacation. You assume you'll have so many pictures, you won't know what to do with yourself.

Reality: You end up forgetting to take pictures and don't really have anything to post except for the usual generic beach pics and "candids." Most of the time, you just scroll through other people's feeds to see what they're up to.


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