All the Struggles of Getting a REALLY Bad Sunburn

No matter how many layers of sunscreen I pile on, it seems like I can't escape summer without at least one horrible sunburn.

Anyone who has experienced a gnarly sunburn themselves knows it's not fun at all. Your skin turns into a lobster-red itchy mess, you're in constant pain and if you're really unfortunate, you begin to peel. Eww.

If you're considering heading out into the sun's brutal rays without some hefty SPF, scroll below and these eight stages of having a horrible burn may make you reconsider.

1. You Don't Realize Your Burn Until You Look in the Mirror

All is well, you're having such a fun day out and about in the sun, and then you get home, glance in the mirror and see that your forehead, shoulders and thighs are a fiery bright red—you totally got burned. If you touch your skin you leave a white imprint, it's that bad. ????

Girl with sunscreen on her shoulder

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2. When You Try to Shower, You Experience Horrible Pain

Trying to ease the pain, you slip into your shower and turn on the water. The heat is totally unbearable and you hop out just as quickly as you hopped in. Looks like it's cold showers for you for the next week.


3. You Soon Discover That Aloe is Your Best Friend

It doesn't take long until you learn that nothing soothes the pain quite like aloe. You apply that stuff from head to toe morning, noon and night.

Aloe Vera

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4. Your Skin Turns a Zillion Different Colors and You Peel

Even though you are moisturizing like crazy, your skin still manages to discolor and peel—so gross! You're one blotchy mess. You can't help but wonder when your skin will be an even tone again.


5. You Realize Sleeping Is Nearly Impossible

After a long, painful and itchy day, all you want to do is sleep—but, guess what, with a sunburn, it's nearly impossible. You find yourself tossing and turning all through the night just trying to find one comfortable position.

Teen girl trying to sleep

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6. Putting On Clothes Becomes a Major Struggle

Even worst than sleeping is getting dressed. You can't squirm into a shirt or jeans without feeling extreme pain. ????


7. You Lock Yourself Inside

Because you can't even stand the idea of being outside in the sun, you spend the next five days locked up in your house in front of the TV. Binge watching Netflix isn't the worst thing in the world, but, hey, everyone craves fresh air.


8. You Vow to Never Forget Sunscreen Again

After all of this, you swear to yourself you will always do everything in your power to protect yourself from the sun. Next time you hit the pool or beach you bring SPF 50, a hat, sunglasses and extra layers. Even a nice tan isn't worth the burn. ????


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