Summertime is a teen’s favorite season because it means pool parties, vacation—and, in many cases, a summer fling.

Sure, wintertime is the season for cuddling up by the fireplace and celebrating the holidays, but there’s something about dating during the summer that stands out above the rest.

Like any type of dating, there are some definite realities that go along with the experience. Just so you know what to likely expect, keep scrolling below!

1. You’ll Have Tons of Alone Time

Guess who has to go to work while you get to do whatever you want for the next few months? Mom and dad! This means you can have people over as you please. Whether it’s days devoted to playing video games or lounging on the couch, hopping in the pool or watching TV, you will have plenty opportunity to get to know your summer fling in a one-on-one setting.

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2.  You’ll Be Super Attracted to Them

Stating the obvious here, but summer is hot—and in more ways than one. Almost everyone looks their best and their most tan. And because everyone is on summer break, people will be out and about all over the place. You’ll have so many suitors to choose from, so it’s not like you’ll have to settle.

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3. You Know Deep Down It’s Just a Summer Fling, But You Still Hope It’s the Real Deal

Because you’re spending so much carefree time with someone you are so attracted to, you obviously want this relationship to last. You want to splash around on that rainbow inflatable for eternity. Everything just feels so right. No school, no homework, no dramz. But sadly, you know deep down that once you’re back to the books and mom and dad’s regulations, this blissful existence will change—and therefore, so will your relationship.


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4. The Fling’s Demise Will Hurt Like Heck at First

Your summer fling takes over the entire season. Without school and a lot of your friends to think about, your attention is solely devoted to this relationship. Even though you know it won’t last forever (see No. 3), when it does finally come to an end, it absolutely breaks your heart. Allow yourself to wallow in that sadness—as much as I can’t stand cliches, don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Trust us, once you get wrapped back up in your regular routines, you’ll think about your fling less and less.

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5. You’ll Never Regret This Fling, Regardless of How it Ended

You and your summer fling shared something incredible together, and regardless of how your relationship fell apart, you’ll always remember this person—and in a positive way. From stargazing at night, to drives down the freeway listening to “your song,” you shared so much happiness with them. Sure, it was short-lived, but it did its job and if you hear from them or run into them again, it will only be with a grin.

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