4 Reasons Why Summer School Is Better Than You Think

If you read my post on failing math class freshman year, then you've probably assumed by now that yep, I was forced to attend summer school.

The thought of spending half of my summer waking up just as early as I did during the school year and still being forced to study for exams and quizzes surely didn't tickle my fancy, but surprisingly, after all was said and done, I realized that summer school really isn't that bad—in fact, dare I say it can actually be kind of fun?

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If you're in the same boat as I was and you're dreading six weeks out of your summer, rest assured, I'm going to give you a whole new outlook by giving you 4 reasons below why summer school is better than you think.

1. You Don't Necessarily Have to Take the Course at Your Own School

When you're on summer break, the last thing you want to do is feel stuck on the same stomping grounds you took a break from. Because there are far less people taking summer school than taking classes during the regular school year, it's much easier to slip into a class at a neighboring institution even if it doesn't fall into your zone. I attended summer school at my rival high school because it was closer to my house and I wanted a change of pace. No regrets there!


2. You Have a Chance to Meet New Friends and New Crushes

Whether you choose to take the summer course at your school or a neighboring one, you are guaranteed to come in contact with some unfamiliar faces. You'll all be under one roof, bonding over the fact that you're stuck in a classroom when you could be at the beach. This whole experience will bring you together, and plus, people are sick of seeing the same faces over and over again. They enjoy changing things up and this is where your fresh face comes into play.

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3. The Classes Are So Much More Laid-back

Chances are, your summer school teacher wants to be in class as much as you do—aka not at all. Because of this, summer school teachers are usually super relaxed. They want to get through each day quickly and with ease. They'll give you your daily lesson, hand out some sheets and then leave you to kind of do as you please. And while I can't speak for everyone's classes, during my experience, we were allowed to bring our outsider friends into class with us. Seriously, it was so laid-back.


4. The Teachers Genuinely Want You to Pass Your Class

Unlike during the regular school year when teachers hand out Fs left and right, summer school teachers seemingly have a heart. Because it's a much more relaxed environment and they only have one group of students to teach over the extended period of time, it's a much more hands-on environment. Teachers are so much more likely to go over each of your assignments with you. Sure, they're not going to take your tests for you, but based on how much up-close-and-personal instruction they provide, you should be able to pass those bad boys with flying colors.

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Whether you need to attend summer school or not, just know that grades are not everything. Click HERE to find out why it's totally fine not to be a straight-A student.