Summer With Cimorelli Featured in NY Times!

Cimorelli were featured in the New York Times today thanks to their collaboration with Subway for the Summer With Cimorelli web series!Summer With Cimorelli New York Times

The Summer With Cimorelli web series is actually the second original comedy series created by Subway! Subway's first series, the 4 to 9ers, follows the lives of the workers at a Subway restaurant, and has been renewed for more episodes!

The scripted web comedy, Summer With Cimorelli, features our favorite singing sisters and begins today! The series will consist of six episodes, and showcase the girls as they try to raise money on YouTube to pay off damages caused by a crazy party!

We're especially excited for a later episode in the series, in which Lisa develops a massive crush on a Subway sandwich artist!

We'll also be attending the Summer With Cimorelli event in Los Angeles today, where the girls will premiere their new web series and perform some of their hit tracks! Stay tuned for coverage!

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