Summy Reflects on Faded Feelings and the End of a Relationship in 'Said It After'

In the music video for Summy's luscious new song, "Said It After," the singer-songwriter seems to transform into her ultimate form as a literal fairytale princess.

The track and its stunning video dropped today, combining Summy's unique and whimsical take on alt-pop with ethereal, pastel-hued imagery, and her bubblegum pink hair and translucent, shimmering wings as the cherry on top. The visuals work in stark contrast to the content of the track, describing a relationship that revolved around deception and toxicity, with the right words being said way too late for them to mean a thing.

We were hooked on the song from the moment we heard it, and we had the opportunity to chat with Summy to learn all about "Said It After," its lyrics and what she hopes the song will mean to listeners.

The Story Behind 'Said It After'

Summy: "Said It After" talks about a relationship that didn't work out. After the relationship ends, the person comes to say all the things you wanted to hear when you were together but now it's too late, because they said it after. As far as inspiration, there were multiple stories within the room when writing and everyone had so many beautiful interpretations.


What 'Said It After' Means

Summy: This song means a lot to me. The creation process took place during a very real moment in my life and I was able to genuinely open my heart to finally release all the feelings that were being bundled up inside. I hope that the listeners will be able to relate to the song and that if needed, it'll help them like it did for me.

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Summy's Favorite Lyric

Summy: My favorite lyric would have to be "I wonder where feelings go, somewhere that I'll never know." That's because, throughout life, we're dealt so many cards and left with so many feelings. In return, they can sometimes disappear and it forever remains a mystery to me as to where they go. Blessings or not.

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